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Fallen Order Director teases the length of the game and calls it "big"

Respawn Entertainment has not revealed the length of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order which is expected to be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC in November of this year. In the past, however, the developer has been annoyed that the game is not going to be short, but it has also confirmed that it will not be an epic journey that moves back and forth for tens and dozens of hours. It is a single-player experience that is determined by storytelling, not an open-world roleplaying game with more tasks than you will have time for. Nevertheless, the game is longer and bigger than previously thought.

According to the creative director of the project, Stig Asmussen, Respawn has just completed a test round for the game and found that players need longer than expected.

"We're doing game tests," said Asmussen. "[There’s] is actually a new round of testing next week with the most complete form of the game. And I'll say that I thought it was big, but it's bigger than I thought.

Asmussen notes that the game is by no means "massive," but he believes that players will be surprised at how much there is.

"In light of that, I do not want people to think that this is a huge, massive game," the director said. "But there are a lot, and I think people will take longer than expected."

Asmussen goes on to say that it is very difficult at the moment to judge how long the game lasts because the team does not have it. In other words, playtests can get stuck in areas where the numbers are artificially increased, or It can be difficult to increase the total number of hours until the final product has been tested. I know exactly how long the game lasts.

"It's not a short game." I hear people say things like "Hey, Respawn, 5 Hours Call of Duty Campaigns" and all these things, and it's like that ̵

1; that's not the way it is We do not have multiplayer – it's all about the single player, so to get a quality experience, you need to be able to visit a certain number of places and have a certain amount of playing time that is satisfactory And I think we're definitely in this zone. "

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is being developed for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and will be released on November 15, subject to a delay News, media and game information can be found here.

Source: Game Informer


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