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Fallout 76 has microtransactions, but Bethesda says it's not a pay-to-win

Like many other big games, the upcoming Fallout will also feature 76 microtransactions. But Bethesda boss Pete Hines does not want you to worry about her. Speaking to GameSpot at PAX, Hines emphasized that Bethesda would only offer cosmetics to buy with real money, not items that could affect gameplay.

This is a crucial point as Fallout 76, unlike earlier entries in the series, is a multiplayer-focused game in which players have the opportunity to compete with other human fighters. Being able to buy better weapons could lose balance and give players the opportunity to pay, in essence, Hines said.

The Fallout 76 microtransactions come in the form of atoms that you can buy at the Atomic Shop for real money or unlock through gameplay. Bethesda has not yet announced prices for Atom, but Hines said Bethesda will reward players with heaps of atoms performing certain tasks and goals in the wastelands.

"If you do not want to spend money The Atomic Shop for toiletries you do not need, we'll give you a load of Atom just to play the game," Hines said. "People who want to spend money on whatever it is because they do not have enough atoms can, but it's not," I'm better off playing other players now because I spent money. " # 39; It's not pay-to-win. And it's not loot boxes. "

Hines went on to say that Bethesda has always tried to be" on the right side of the line "when it comes to micro-transaction systems goes in his games. Hines admitted it could be a "pretty ambiguous line," but the studio always wanted to avoid situations that felt like greed. Like other publishers, Bethesda has also found the best way forward by following industry trends and collecting feedback from players.

The Fallout 76 DLC packs, no matter what shape they are, will be completely free. This is a change in pace for the franchise, as Bethesda has previously sold a variety of additional content for games such as Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. Hopefully, the free content of Fallout 76 will give players the feeling that they are not exploited, Hines

"All the content we've ever released for Fallout 76 ̵

1; all the DLC, all the post-launch stuff – will be free That's important – and to say that the Atomic Shop is a cosmetic stuff – to make sure people understand that – look, there's a line, there are people who have, but we're on the right page Stay tuned for the things you can spend money on and how it works and what you get for your $ 60, "Hines said." You know, when they bring out new content or features, I get those things for free. That feels right. "

Anyone who pre-orders Fallout 76 on the Xbox One instantly gets 500 atoms, but how much value this really offers will not be clear until Bethesda reveals the cost of in-game items with Bethesda going even further, as the company also releases a 1TB Xbox One X bundle that comes with a copy of Fallout 76.

It seems that Bethesda's model of games like Overwatch and Fortnite only tracks allowing players Star Wars: Battlefront II of 2017 originally had a microtransaction system that allowed players to spend real money on items and weapons that actually influenced the game, after spending a lot of money on cosmetics Revolt has reversed the course for Electronic Arts and developer DICE, and now you can only buy cosmetics.

Another important The point in this story is how Fallout 76's new advantage system brings it through Perk Cards. After this announcement, many wondered if the players could buy them for real money. Bethesda confirmed, however, that it does not allow players to spend real money to gain new benefits.

Fallout 76 launches on Nov. 14 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Pre-order players can play early through time-limited beta testing sessions. All progress will continue. In other news, Bethesda has confirmed that Fallout 76 will not appear on the Nintendo Switch because it was "not feasible."

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