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Fallout 76 Pre-Beta Stress Test Starts Soon, Here's How To Get (Maybe)

Ahead of the full game's release date in November, Bethesda wants to host a Fallout 76 beta later this month. Xbox One, but some fans want to try it out even sooner than that. Bethesda has announced that it will start the beta launches, some Xbox Insiders will be ready to take part in a limited stress test.

Fallout 76 for Xbox One, and who are also members of the Xbox Insider program. Fulfilling those two criteria does not guarantee you a spot, but it does put you in the running. Starting on Saturday, October 13, you can check out the Insider Content tab of the Xbox Insider program.

This all comes with a few caveats. This is for North American players only, and you'll need to contact Xbox Live Gold member as well as it's an online game. Participants want to be under NDA, and your progress in the stress test will not be saved. The beta version set to launch later this month is an entirely separate application. You may not earn any achievements.

If those sound like deal-breakers, and you've pre-ordered the game anyway, you may be better off waiting for the full beta. It may start on October 23 on Xbox One and follow on PC and PS4 a week later on October 30. Even if you've pre-ordered the game, though, you may not get into it. Bethesda is planning to send invites out in waves, with a relatively small number invited to begin.

The Xbox One is a free option for Xbox One owners that gets into some early software testing for upcoming firmware, to offer feedback. You can find more information through the official site.

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