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Fallout 76: Release Date, PvP, perks and what we know (so far)

Just a few years after the release of Fallout 4, Bethesda surprised fans with the official announcement of Fallout 76, the next entry in its beloved post-apocalyptic RPG franchise. The new game was unveiled in a trailer after a series of teasing, and Bethesda has discussed it at E3 2018 and more recently at QuakeCon 2018, clarifying some of the strangest features and additions to the Fallout 76.

Keeping you on top of that We are all about the information we have about the game: the platforms it stands on, its online functionality, its anti-griefing features and where the game is in the time series of the series falls

What is Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 is a prequel to all previous Fallouts games. In 21

02, you play a resident of Vault 76 who emerges from the shelter 25 years after the bombing of America. Your job is simple: explore what's left of post-apocalyptic America and rebuild civilization.

Longtime fans will probably recognize Vault 76; Although it is not a place we have visited before, this is not the first mention of the series. Both Fallout 3 and 4 refer to it, and according to Fallout Wikia, this vault in West Virginia was occupied by 500 of America's best minds. In contrast to the grotesque experimental vaults in the Fallout universe, Vault 76 is a control vault that is to be opened 20 years after a nuclear war. But if the vault opened 20 years after the bomb dropped, why did it take 25 years? The story probably has some surprises in store.

Fallout 76 uses the Creation Engine, the same engine that was used for Fallout 4, but it's reported to have much more graphic detail than its predecessor. Game director Todd Howard said Fallout 76 has a new rendering and lighting technology that allows "detail" 16 times.

Who develops it?

Bethesda Game Studios, the Maryland-based developer in charge of the Elder Scrolls series and Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, is at work on the game. Bethesda Game Studios Austin – formerly BattleCry Studios – helped fine-tune the Creation Engine to support multiplayer functionality.

Is it an online survival game?

Fallout 76 is a very different kind of game from its predecessors. It's "completely online", but do not worry, you can play it alone. According to Bethesda, the idea of ​​using this approach to survival around the world came four years ago when it began building a multiplayer fallout experience. Howard described the game's survival approach as "softcore," meaning that death does not equate to losing progression.

You can form a party with up to three other players. You can not manage your placement on servers at sign-in because they are automatically inserted into a session with other players when the game starts. Of course, you also have the option to play alongside your friends and play together.

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Howard commented that Fallout 76 will have dedicated servers that will support the game "now and in years to come". At launch, there will only be public servers, but Bethesda plans to introduce private servers that allow players to invite friends to play to prevent unwanted behavior.

Some classic mechanics from previous games will change to allow the change online game. For example, V.A.T.S has been reconfigured to work in real time, while players can still target specific parts of the enemy's body. But this time it has been updated to be more of a tool that allows you to detect dangers in the area.

How big is the world?

According to Howard, the world of Fallout 76 is four times larger than Fallout 4. There are six different regions to explore, each with its own unique style, risks and rewards. Confirmed areas include the West Virginia State Capitol, Greenbrier, Woodburn Circle, New River Gorge Bridge and Camden Park. Each area contains a variety of new creatures, some of which are based on West Virginia folklore.

What can you do?

As in previous games, players spend most of their time researching and completing quests. However, Fallout 76 will not include human non-player characters, as all surviving humans are controlled by active players. Instead, the game will use a combination of robot NPCs, collectable records, and environmental storytelling to give players what they need to put together quests and the story as a whole.

Given the premise of the game, the world rebuild base-building elements similar to Fallout 4. You can set up a base anywhere with an element called Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform or CAMP. These can be placed in the world and allow you to build an impromptu warehouse. At the E3 we saw the player laying down walls and decorating the base with pool tables, toilets and other household items. As the "mobile platform" part of the name implies, your CAMP can also be picked up and moved so you can move your base anywhere in the world.

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While you can help build the world, you can destroy it as well. If you have the necessary nuclear launch codes, it is actually possible to access a rocket silo to fire a nuclear bomb at any point on the map. This irradiates the chosen area, but also allows the discovery of rare weapons, equipment and items. Be careful; The colonization of an area also leads to the emergence of stronger enemies, which makes survival difficult. But do not let that put you off, because the CAMP blueprint system makes it easy for players to rebuild their homes quickly, and if they know a threat, they can pack their things and take them to a new location.

As an online experience, it is said that player choice is incredibly important, giving players the freedom to choose who the heroes are and who the villains are. Early recordings showed several players engaged in combat and engaging in friendly activities, suggesting that players have the freedom to choose their paths in the world of Fallout 76.

How does character creation and movement work?

I will have similar character creation tools as Fallout 4. You can change your appearance at any time. You can also use the game's new photo mode during the build process to better see what your character looks like and take snapshots that you can share on social media.

The SPECIAL system is back and it's a bit different. As with previous games, SPECIAL includes: strength, perception, stamina, charisma, intelligence, agility, luck. You get a point that you can put into each of these stats as you level up. The first thing you do when you get out of the vault is to pick a SPECIAL, and then you choose a bonus in this SPECIAL. Basically, every SPECIAL is a collection of points for your perks.

But unlike previous games, perks are now cards that you can equip and unlock when you're in a particular SPECIAL; However, you can always swap maps if you want to change your build. Each SPECIAL trait you develop has a limit of 15 perk. These perk cards can be further enhanced to increase their strength.

You can earn additional perk cards via Perk Card Packs (four random cards). You first earn all two levels (1-10) and then all 5 levels. You can also choose one bonus card per level, usually from your SPECIAL choice. There are hundreds of perks cards that you can unlock. Therefore, the SPECIAL ranks are automatically capped after a while (you'll get a rank in a SPECIAL every time you level up). From level 50, you stop raising SPECIAL ranks, but you still get card packs.

How does PvP work?

When you shoot someone, you do a bit of damage, which can easily be equated with hitting them to challenge them to a duel. In response, the other player may choose to ignore or intervene. If they engage in a fight with you, they will take full damage. The one killed in this approving PvP match has the opportunity to take revenge. In this way, this person receives the double reward if it succeeds.

If you'd rather ignore a PvP match, there's no way to avoid killing – despite the little damage done to you during the initiation phase. However, if you are killed by a player under these circumstances, that player becomes a Wishful Killer and will not receive any rewards after you kill him.

A wanted murderer is marked on the map as a red star and placed on a bounty her head. Players who hope for this bounty are not visible on the killer's card. If the killer is killed, the money from that bounty will be taken out of his supply.

In order to give players time to adapt to the effects of Fallout 76, PvP is only available to players after level 5. And if you die in a PvP encounter, the only thing you lose is the garbage you collected that can be recovered after death if it's not already picked up by other players. You can store garbage anywhere in the world to protect a portion of your inventory. Armor and weapons are kept in your inventory after death.

Any voice chat?

It's possible to chat with your teammates and even strangers you discover in the world. It's area based so your ability to listen to other games may vary. But if you do not want to have anything to do with strangers, it's possible to completely mute their voices.

When is the beta?

The beta version of Falout 76 will be available exclusively to those who pre-ordered the game. Bethesda said it will begin in early October to select participants from the pool of pre-orders. The plan is to start small and expand over time. Xbox One owners have a slight edge over the beta in comparison to other platforms. For more details, see Bethesda's Fallout 76 FAQ for more information on redeeming your code.

Release Date

Fallout 76 is being developed for PC, PS4 and Xbox One and is currently expected to be released in the market on November 14th. Unfortunately, there is no word about a Nintendo Switch release that was out of the question after the Skyrim re-release on this platform.

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