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Fallout 76: What we want at E3 2018

After nearly 24 hours taunting the official livestream, Bethesda has unveiled Fallout 76, the next installment in his post-apocalyptic series. The next game will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One more about life in the insular inner worlds of vaults and what comes next. Although the trailer was a satisfying taster of what's to come, there's still a lot to know – so here's a more detailed breakdown of what Fallout 76 is about and we want to see it at E3 2018.

What We Know So Far

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In Fallout 76, players assume the role of a Vault Dweller in the underground bunker known as Vault 76. Imagine even the original fallout – as seen from a clock and calendar in the trailer – Fallout 76 will focus on citizens' efforts to survive 20 years after the nuclear apocalypse in an increasingly hostile world. With a retro-futuristic style – the aesthetics and the sound of a distant future from the perspective of the past – Fallout 76 shows a happier approach, which is likely to break as soon as the Vault Dweller opens the door.

According to Fallout, Vault 76 – Referenced in Fallout 3 and 4 – one of the few Vault-Tech control vaults. While all vaults worked as advertised to all their inhabitants, the control vaults should open their doors so that they can be repopulated after a certain period of time. By and large, the vaults were badly designed or doomed to failure, and the few control chambers that existed were successful in their mission – bringing humankind back into the irradiated landscape. Although we're not sure what kind of game it will be, it's fair to say that it will focus on the efforts of the Vault Dwellers if they want to survive in a foreign and hostile world.

What is Confirmed for E3

Although all we got from the revelation was the fast trailer, Bethesda quickly stated that we will see much more of the game on his E3 2018 Showcase on June 10th – that seems to be the longest show of the publishing house. In recent years, the publisher has released a large number of titles, including Fallout 4, Prey and Wolfenstein II – and they plan to maintain this for this year's show as well. With Rage 2, Fallout 76 and the long-held Prey DLC, this year's show will likely give us a very substantial look at what to do with the next Fallout game.

What we want to see

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"When the fight is over and the fallout has calmed down, you have to rebuild it." [Fallout 76] While Fallout 76 looks graphically similar to Fallout 4, the trailer suggests that this will not be a traditional single player experience. With rumors about the online element of the game, Bethesda is trying to find a different approach. That's why we want Bethesda to devote as much time as possible to show what happens to Fallout 76. During the Fallout 4 E3 2015 show, Todd Howard spent over half an hour explaining the game. while presenting the highlights of Fallout 4 in front of the others.

A similar approach to Fallout 76 would not only set expectations, but also show that this game sets itself apart from the other titles. To put it simply, we want to see exactly what kind of game Fallout 76 will be. While it's fair to say that there are some well-known fallout moments of action and interaction, it's important for us to see the game material in action and show how different this game will be. Above all, a release date for Fallout 76 is a must. And given the track record of Bethesda, there's a big chance that we'll play this game much earlier than we think.

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