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Fallout by Marcus Stroman Handel

Marcus Stroman's Marcus Stroman on Sunday made many baseball fans wonder if he had been mistakenly traded to the wrong New York team, but the All Star starter actually goes to Queens , not the Bronx.

The unexpected move immediately prompted speculation that the Mets were just starting their moves while the Yankees were sitting in an unexpected spot watching one of the top pitchers in the market when the time runs out before Wednesday, 4pm ET trade deadline.

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Stroman's move to the Mets has far-reaching effects beyond his own future. So let's take a look at some of the consequences of the biggest trading so far has been an uneventful trading season.

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Where do the Yankees go from here?

Stroman was perceived as the supreme target of the Yankees. But the price of the Blue Jays was more than GM Brian Cashman was willing to pay. Toronto wanted Deivi Garcia ̵

1; classified by MLB Pipeline as the # 1 Yankees – to make a deal for Stroman to which Cashman was unwilling. Garcia seems to be taboo, unless the return is Noah Syndergaard though a deal of this magnitude between the Yankees and Mets seems unlikely. Zack Wheeler may be more accessible to nearby competitors.

The Yankees will continue to monitor the market for starters, with left-handers Robbie Ray by the D-backs and Mike Minor of the Rangers at the top of the list of available weapons. Trevor Bauer remains the most attractive option, but it's hard to imagine the Indians trading the right-handed, even after his tantrum on the Sunday Hill, as they run the twins first with just two games.

Lefty Madison Bumgarner is unlikely to be traded by the fierce giants, and while lefty Matthew Boyd is appealing because he will be a freelance agent only after 2022. This season he lacks the kind of track record the Yankees want to add to their rotation.

• 7 most likely until the Wednesday deadline

It could give internal help in the form of an injured ass Luis Severino (inflamed rotator cuff / lat strain) and / or shutdown setup man Dellin Betances (Shoulder Impact), but neither of the two pitchers has appeared in a game this season, so anything the Yankees get from them will be a bonus. If Cashman can not compete with a deal, he may choose to strengthen the bullpen, as Jon Paul Morosi of MLB.com on Sunday reported that New York has inquired about Tigers Shane Greene . The Yankees know him well after drafting the right-handers in 2009 before acting for Didi Gregorius in December 2014 as part of the deal.

What does that mean for the Mets?

GM Brodie Van Wagenen When the rest of the industry imagined he would hesitate, he acquired Stroman for the organization's two main pitching prospects: Anthony Kay and Simeon Woods-Richardson. The Mets are six games of a National League Wild Card court, with seven teams competing for the two moorings after the season.

"They still seem to think they have a chance."

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. Stroman, who did not enter the free range until after the 2020 season, was a good choice for a team looking ahead to the year ahead, especially when Wheeler took over as freelancer in that off-season. Adding Stroman to a pair of prospects would normally be an indication that the Mets are trying to run for October this year, but as the CEO pointed out, Minnesota pursued an unusual strategy at the 2017 deadline and played the role of both buyers and Seller. The Twins became an AL Wild Card team at the end of the season.

"Buy and sell?" Said the manager. "The twins did it two years ago, maybe it's a sensible strategy."

It is very likely that the Stroman deal will not be the last for the Mets this week. Syndergaard remains a hot commodity – perhaps the most coveted arm out there – but with his free hand coming after the 2021 season, the Mets do not necessarily have to move him. Wheeler, on the other hand, now seems to be an even more logical trade candidate, especially since Stroman can easily slip into his rotation point.

What does this mean for the start pitching market?

Also For the Yankees, there are several candidates seeking rotation assistance. The Braves, Astros, Brewers, Cardinals and Angels could use more start pitching for the Stretch Run while the Padres continue to search for controllable weapons.

Syndergaard, Ray, Minor, Boyd and Bauer all fall into this category, and although the Mets were able to win Stroman for two potential customers outside the top 100 of MLB's pipeline. The teams with controllable weapons might not be able to lower their high asking prices so quickly.

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"People have their own prices," said a Dutch executive. "Every team is different."

Following the acquisition of Stroman, the Mets could still be a major player in the pitching market, with Syndergaard and Wheeler attracting interest. Detroit still has Boyd and Greene, while Ray and Minor are coveted by several competitors. There are plenty of high-quality, if not dominant, weapons, and as one manager noted when asked about the high supply prices, "deadlines have a way to make things happen." Sunday was the first sign that he was right.

What else is on the Blue Jays agenda?

Toronto had a busy Sunday when Stroman was sold to the Mets and Eric Sogard to the Rays.

The response to the Stroman deal was patchy Neither Kay nor Woods-Richardson are considered top contenders, although 18-year-old Woods-Richardson received more praise.

"Simeon is physically developed, has good things, but I was surprised by his feeling at 18 Said a scout. "He has the chance to be a top starter in a big league. He is a good companion.

A second scout named Kay "future No. 4 starter," while an NL manager sees both pitchers as "back-end rotators."

According to sources, the Blue Jays I had asked for better prospects from several teams, but all contradicted the requirements.

"What they asked us was a good deal more than what they got from the Mets," a club source said.

The Blue Jays are not finished yet. Toronto has decided to move Bo Bichette from Triple-A to compete with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Cavan Biggio in the big leagues. This means that the upcoming first baseman of the free agents Justin Smoak and the right reliever Daniel Hudson will likely be moved while the next is admitted to arbitration winter), Shortstop Freddy Galvis and Righty Reliever David Phelps (2020 options) could also be traded.

Mark Feinsand a senior reporter, originally joined MLB.com as a reporter in 2001.

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