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False conviction of San Francisco $ 13.1 million

San Francisco's board of supervisors unanimously voted Tuesday to pay $ 13.1 million to a man framed in a homicide case by the city police.

Jamal Trulove, an aspiring actor and hip-hop artist, spent more than eight years behind bars after being sentenced to life imprisonment in 2010 in connection with the murder of a friend and neighbor in a municipal housing project in 2010.

Trulove was imprisoned hundreds of miles away Alex Reisman, one of his lawyers, said to his family and was also stabbed, he told the Associated Press.

"He endured a lot," said Reisman.

The conviction was overturned in 201

4 and Trulove was acquitted in a new trial in 2015

Then a federal jury found that two homicide detectives fabricated evidence last year, forced an important witness and withheld important information that may have exonerated Trulove.

After Trulove filed a civil lawsuit against four police officers The city and city were awarded a $ 14.5 million federal jury award. The city appealed against the award, but rejected the appeal after reaching agreement on the lower payout this week.

The jury found that detectives only showed a photo of Trulove and nobody else to an eyewitness to identify any suspects and evidence showed that two homicide detectives knew about another potential suspect but did not investigate the investigation.

The four civil service civil servants have retired without any discipline related to the case.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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