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Fans gather around Meghan Markle after she reveals she's out of order

If you've paid close attention to the royal news, you've probably seen Meghan Markle beaten in the media for months. Some businesses say she is rude and the people who work in the palace find it difficult to work with her. Others paint her as a cold, calculating, money-hungry starlet who took the opportunity to marry a king. In all these stories, the Duchess becomes a figure rather than an actual person.

  Meghan Markle
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Mark Large – WPA Pool / Getty Images

After months of quietly under public scrutiny, Markle has finally shown that she really has problems.

Public Harassment by Meghan Markle

Markle apparently can not do anything directly in the eyes of the public. When she was wearing jeans at Wimbledon, people said she was classless. When she embraced Beyonce at the European premiere of The Lion King people said she had broken the royal record.

But recently, Prince Harry has revealed that he has had enough of his wife's public crucifixion. In a statement, he announced that he and Markle would sue the parent company of Mail on Sunday, from which many of these brutal stories emerged.

"Unfortunately, my wife has become one of the youngest victims of a British tabloid campaigning against individuals without thinking of the consequences – a reckless campaign that took place during the past year, during her pregnancy and during the education of our newborn Son escalated, "he wrote.

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The Duchess of Sussex, who is continuing her visit to Johannesburg today, has visited the charity @actionaid_sa to speak with people who work tirelessly to protect young girls in South Africa. The Duchess wanted to use her time here to better understand the problem of gender-based violence and learn more about how to tackle this crisis. @actionaid_sa is working with a number of projects to specifically help young women, including the Teddy Bear Clinic, which provides essential support to children and families affected by domestic and sexual abuse, and @sonkegenderjustice, a nonprofit organization across Africa , The Duchess discussed the importance of trying to break a generational cycle and empowering young girls, as well as working with boys and young men to raise their awareness so that they can be part of the solution rather than the problem. After today's meeting, the Duchess traveled privately to meet some young girls who are supported by Action Aid and the Teddy Bear Clinic. These girls have come out of situations of abuse and humiliation and have found their self-confidence, purpose and trust in the spirit of the Sisterhood and the community in the Girls Club. The Duchess described them as role models for all. For the privacy and protection of these young women, no photos of this visit will be shared. #RoyalVisitSouthAfrica Photo © ️ SussexRoyal / Getty / PA images

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was sure to point out it has real consequences of attacking someone day after day.

"This relentless propaganda costs people, especially if it is knowingly false and malicious, and although we have continued to show bravery – as so many of you can refer to – I can not describe how painful it has been. "he continued. "In today's digital age, printing press factories worldwide are interpreted as the truth. Reporting one day is no longer the chip paper of tomorrow.

Markle reveals she's not feeling well

Markle was pretty quiet when it came to defending herself, but in a recent clip from a preview of the upcoming ITV documentary ] Harry & Meghan: An African Journey The Duchess talked about how much pain all the criticism caused her.

"Any woman, especially if she's pregnant, you're really vulnerable, and that got really challenging," she said and looked tearful.

"Then, if you have a newborn, you know." And just as a woman, it's a lot, "she told reporter Tom Bradby. "So you add that if you're just trying to be a new mom or a newlywed. It is um. , , Yes. I think so, too, thank you for asking, because not many people asked if I was fine, but it's a very real thing to go behind the scenes.

When Bradby asked if it was fair to say that she was not feeling well, the Duchess said, "Yes."

Fans gather around Markle.

Since the clip appeared, people are using the Internet to express their support for Markle.

During her stay with Victoria Yards in Johannesburg this afternoon, the Duchess of Sussex had the opportunity, thanks to the co-director of the Maker's Valley Partnership, Simon Sizwe, to learn more about the Importance and the possibilities of a "feel-good economy". Simon received a full scholarship for the Program of the Young African Leaders Initiative initiated by President Obama and stated that by investing in the overall well-being of a community and its people and by focusing on that economy, all can enrich one's quality of life. She also met with the owners of Sobae Frozen, an entrepreneurial duo who started his small business as a food waste solution and made vegan sorbet from unused fruit from Victoria Yards. At the end of her visit, the Duchess was moved by the original poetry of Belita Andre, the winner of Poetry Grandslam. In her reading, she said, "The Maker's Valley is a social and entrepreneurial center, a wave between my and your corner of the world, insisting on being beyond the anchor of survival, so make sure everyone is ashore walk, circle an ocean of stars, not because our sleepless nights are the same, but because our dreams are the same. ") at

" I was never one who made a comment or statement to the royals, or paid much attention to it, unless something big happened, but treating #MeghanMarkle got me into one of their defenders, "one person tweeted is heartbreaking! "

The Duchess received so much support that the hashtag #WeLoveYouMeghan began to set trends.

" Your daughter, your sister, your girlfriend, who deals with this cruelty #WeLoveYouMeghan "

" Dear Meghan, you have so many people who love and support you, "another fan tweeted." We see you, we see how strong you are. You are human and you are doing great. #WeLoveYouMeghan .. "

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