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Fans wonder if Tim Malcolm “meets” Deavan Clegg

Deavan Clegg – married to South Korean 29-year-old Jihoon Lee – is currently appearing in season two of TLCs 90 days fiance: the other way. The 23-year-old Utah model and influencer is also the mother of two children: her daughter Drascilla from a previous relationship and a one-year-old son, Taeyang, whom she shares with Jihoon.

In the third season of Deavans Castmate Tim Malcolm made a name for the first time 90-day fiance: Before the 90 dayswith his then girlfriend Jeniffer Tarazona from Colombia.

Tim, a 40-year-old North Carolina entrepreneur, broke up with Jeniffer. But he later appeared on several seasons from 90 days fiance: pillow talk with his former fiancee Veronica Rodriguez, with whom he brings his stepdaughter Chloe together.

Recently, Tim and Deavan made an unexpected connection on Instagram. Tim̵

7;s bubbly compliment to Deavan’s selfie made some fans think he was beating her (an accusation he relentlessly denies).

Deavan Clegg
Deavan Clegg | Deavan Clegg on Instagram

Tim praised Deavan’s selfie on Instagram

Deavan, who often shares selfies and experiments with different types of photography and effects on Instagram, recently released a particularly impressive selfie. In the Instagram snapshot it is 90 days fianceé: The other way Star was wearing sparkling tinsel in her hair, with golden, burnt orange and yellow tones playing around her face.

The mother of two has the photo entitled “Playing around with orange in the light studio… really likes it. Maybe you need to buy some orange lights. “

Tim interfered with the photo to compliment his colleague. He wrote: “You look beautiful. Wow, I’m impressed … did you take the picture yourself? I need your photographer’s name. “

Deavan said that she was trying to improve her photographic skills and hoped to make a career out of a combination of modeling and photography.

“I took this one,” she wrote to Tim. “I really thought about getting into photography and founding an IG to find some models and get it going as a hobby. I play a lot with colors in Lightroom and Photoshop. “

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Many ’90 Day Fiancé’ fans thought Tim might try to beat Deavan

Lots 90 days fiance Fans thought Tim might be interested in something more than photography, mostly because he was single and Deavan’s relationship with Jihoon seemed to be on the rocks.

“Was this code for: Would you like to switch from Korean to Gringo?” One commentator wrote cunningly, referring to Deavan’s Korean husband and Tim’s company Gringo Guns.

Another Instagram user wrote bluntly: “Eyyyyyy tryna see if you can slip into their DMs?”

Another onlooker said to Deavan, “He’s hitting you, lol.”

One 90 days fiance Fan joked: “Then I think it would be best if he holds on to his Colombian. Stay on track. Lol. “

The 90-day fiancé insisted that he not try to hit the younger woman

While the general consensus among fans and commentators seemed to be that Tim was romantically interested in Deavan, he insisted that it wasn’t. In fact, he characterized their relationship as that of “employees”.

“We are employees and I know them 😂🤷🏻‍♂️”, he wrote to the fans and accused him of doing something with Deavan. “It’s a real compliment not to slip into the compliment of their DMs.” (Deavan “liked” Tim’s comment, so she seems to agree.)

It is very likely that Tim did not try to beat his colleague. After all, it is 90 days fiance star has its own engraving and gilding company and produces customized weapons for customers who are more like works of art than weapons. He is artistic himself, so maybe he just started a conversation with another artistic type.

Tim was also friends with many of his other Castmates, so he didn’t necessarily get Deavan out for attention.

Still, some fans thought they might have been cute together. “It’s a shame I would send it out,” wrote one commentator.

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