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Fantasy Baseball – Add daily notes, pitcher rankings and hitter ratings plus players for Thursday

We are back!

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It was a long off-season, but the wait is over. We are in the best shape of our lives and ready for another season with 162 games.

First, a short introduction for those new to Daily Notes. In ESPN's standard game, Streaming Start Pitchers has become a popular – and often necessary – practice if you want to apply. The same applies to streaming hits in leagues with daily Roster moves. It can be crucial for fantasy managers to play the matchups and maximize their starting positions by using their wire arms and bats when their main players have days off.

Streaming or picking up players daily to maximize volume can be a daily grind that requires a lot of work and dedication. We are here to help. Whether it's about discovering the Waiver Wire gem or simply giving you the confidence to activate the hurler on your bench, we'll highlight the most intriguing streaming options of the day on both the pitch and hit pages 50 percent of the ESPN leagues.

Let's look back at what we have been thinking about in recent months: opening day. It is here. We made it. Now it's time to go to work.

Here's a look at the top streaming options of the day.


Pitcher to stream

Patrick Corbin (L), parked in 41 percent of ESPN leagues, Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Colorado Rockies: Chase Field was once a place the fantasy manager streaming wanted to avoid from starters. Thanks to the newly installed humidor this may not be the case anymore. Chase Field is likely to be more pitcher-friendly in the future, with a study suggesting that the humidor may hit home runs by as much as 25-50 percent this season. That would give Corbin a nice boost, which looks like one of Opening Day's better streaming options. Even without the humidor, the left-hander has a career 3.54 ERA at Chase Field. In addition, he climbed in 2017 with 8.5 K / 9 in the career and has established himself as one of the best ground ball players of the game. He is one of only four hurlers with a bottom ball rate of 50 percent in the last two seasons (at least 150 IP). While the Rockies had a MLB Best .363 wOBA at Coors Field last season, they were very vulnerable on the road, producing a .304 WOBA and an inflated 24.6% whiff rate.

Clayton Richard (L), 5 percent, of San Diego Padres vs. Milwaukee Brewers: The good news with Richard is that he hits a pitcher friendly home park and limits the damage by putting the ball on the ground Ground holds. In fact, his 59 percent ground ball rate ranked fifth among the qualifying starters last year. The bad news is that he did not miss many bats (6.9 K / 9), and righties made him fit in 2017 (.377 WOBA). I will not pretend that Richard is a sexy option. That said, innings are important in the Punklige, and Richards 197 innings last year ranked top-10 in the National League. Putting heavily on his downer, Richard is a decent bet against a Brewers lineup that will suffer a significant park demotion at Petco Park.

Kendall Graveman (R), 4 percent, Oakland Athletics vs. Los Angeles Angels: Shoulder problems derailed the Graveman 2017 season, but he showed some promises before setting. Before the injury, he allowed two or fewer runs in six of his eight starts, including three outings against the Angels, in which he wore a 2.84 ERA with a 17: 3 K: BB ratio in 19 innings. More importantly, Thursday will be at the Oakland Coliseum, where Graveman has ranked 3.20 ERA since 2016. The Angels have a revised lineup this season, but the fact that it's right-handed limits the risk.


Diamondbacks manager Torey Lovullo has officially named Brad Boxberger as his keeper on Tuesday. Boxberger may not be as good as Archie Bradley from the point of view of skills, but he has a 41-save season in his resume and the kind of swing-and-miss stuff (career 11.6 K / 9) to get the job done to keep. Currently, Boxberger is only in 7 percent of the ESPN leagues in use, and it's a good name if you keep your draft scarce at the games. Meanwhile, Bradley still earns to be on schedule because he will be offering enough relative help to provide value in standard leagues.

Pitchers to Avoid

Dylan Bundy (R), 92 percent, Baltimore Orioles vs. Minnesota Twins: Bundy has an interesting uptrend this season, but throwing in Camden Yards always carries some risk , According to Park Factors, Camden Yards was the third-highest home-run-friendly park in baseball last season. Adding to a career-high 47 percent fly-ball rate and a career-worst 35.6 percent hard-hit rate over the past year is not a good combination. Bundy should still offer a lot of value in low-cost matchups this season. The twins, however, are not a favorable match. They had a top-five wOBA (.332) in 2017 against right-handed pitching.

Projected scores

GS is the projected score for the pitcher. A "*" means that the pitcher lacks the required career league data to get an accurate rating; These are the reviews of the author.



Yasmani Grandal (B), 43 percent, Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Francisco Giants: While the screaming Grandal shows more power from the left side, this vote is too good to ignore. Blach had the lowest pull-out rate among qualified starters in 2017 (4.0 K / 9), and right-handers beat him around the perimeter of a .289 / .339 / .492 slash line. In the event that Austin Barnes (28 percent) starts here, join him instead.

First Base

Lucas Duda (L), 17 percent, Kansas City Royals vs. Chicago White Sox (RHP James Shields): Shields was a take-off pitcher you wanted to target in 2017, and that should be so again this year. Since 2015, the right-handed handed over a 2.80 / .371 / .519 slash line to left bats. All three of these brands are the worst in baseball during this time. For his part, Duda has been representing .856 OPS against right-handers since 2014, including a 41.4 hard-hit ratio, which is in fourth place in baseball.

Second Base

Kolten Wong (L), 10 percent, St. Louis Cardinals at New York Mets (RHP Noah Syndergaard): Granted, Thor does not allow many base runners, but those Those who make their way to first base often get the go-ahead because Syndergaard has a bad job controlling the running game. Wong will reach eighth place, not the one best suited to steal a base with two outs, but sometimes something has to happen. Wong's 79 percent career success rate is well above the league average.

Third Base

Matt Davidson (R), 12 percent, Chicago White Sox at Kansas City Royals (LHP Danny Duffy): Duffy did a good job last season (.451 OPS) made, but the right-handed people gave him much more trouble (.767 OPS). This was not a new problem as the right hitter posted 0.760 OPS or better Duffy in each of the last three seasons. Davidson suffers a park demotion to the Kauffman Stadium, but hitting the middle of the White Sox's command with the Platoon advantage still gives him value as a streaming option.


Marcus Semien (R), 28 percent, Oakland A vs. Los Angeles Angels (RHP Garrett Richards): This is not necessarily a favorable match for Semien with Richards on the hill. However, since every team raises its ace on opening day, not every match will be ideal. The good news is that Semien is starting in a solid lineup, and he played better against righties in 2017 and produced 061 OPS against him in the second half (0.690 OPS vs. left-handed). With two-digit home run and steal potential, there are several ways for Semien to deliver value even in a tough match.

Corner infield

J.P. Crawford (L), 7 percent, Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves (RHP Julio Tehran): Left-handers have long been a topic for Tehran, who gave them a .342 WOBA in their careers, including one. 338 clip in 2017. This creates a beautiful spot for Crawford in a park that boosts left-handed power. The former first-round selection has an advanced approach on the plate and recorded a 14% walk-rate on Triple-A and an 18% walk rate on 87 big-league plate appearances last season. The big negative is that Crawford will be in the lead for the time being in the Phillies' lineup, but his approach should eventually put him at the top of the list.


Jonathan Villar (B), 33 percent, of the Milwaukee Brewers at San Diego Padres (LHP Clayton Richard): It's easy to forget that Villar 2017 after a hit of .285 with 19 homers and 62 steals the season had previously selected in the preliminary round. Last year may have been a dud, but the high-end fantasy potential still exists. Despite Park's downgrade, the switch-shooter Villar gets a nice match against Richard, who in 2017 admitted a .377 WOBA to Righty-Hitter.


Cameron Maybin (R), 8 percent, Miami Marlins vs. Chicago Cubs (LHP Jon Lester): Given the offensive flaws of the Marlins, they are likely to be very aggressive this season, representing Maybin will match perfectly. He had a success rate of 81 percent stealing bases in 2017, and Lester could be the worst pitcher in baseball if he keeps runners. Maybin also gets the train advantage against Lester, who allowed a career-worst 0.808 OPS, right-backs of last season.

Jason Heyward (L), 4 percent, Chicago Marines Cubs (RHP Jose Urena): While Urenas 3.82 ERA last year could have been a pleasant surprise, its 5.20 FIP suggests and 5.29 xFIP indicating that he did not deserve it. In the last three seasons, only four starters have a higher contact rate in the zone, or Z-Contact% (89 percent), and a lower K / 9 (5.7). In short, Urena is a contact-inducing pitcher that should be exploited by good lineups. Heyward is not a big offensive threat, but he makes a lot of contact when the ball is in the zone (91.8 percent Z-contact%) and should get some RBI opportunities.

Matt Kemp (R), 20 percent, Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Francisco Giants (LHP Ty Blach): When Kemp was acquired by the Dodgers, it was believed that there would be one Clerical movement was – more for salary considerations – and that the Dodgers would either trade or even free the veteran outfielder. However, between the injuries and Kemp's fight .561 in the Cactus League, including five homers, the Dodgers have a new left fielder. Kemp is in a good start to get off to a strong start, faced with a Southpaw transfer of all 17 of his homers allowed swinger right last season.

Hitter Matchup Ratings

Hitter Ratings account for the opposing start pitcher past (three years worth) as well as baseball factors. "LH" and "RH" permissions only for left and right handed or

The weighted base average (wOBA) is the primary statistic used in the calculation. The ratings range from 1 to 10, with 10 statistically representing the best possible matchup and 1 being the worst. For example, a 10 is a must-start rating, while a 1 should be avoided (if possible); a 1-2 is bad, 3-4 is fair, 5-6 is average, 7-8 is very good and 9-10 is excellent.

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