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Far Cry 5 death loops are becoming a nuisance to players

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<p>  First things first: <em> Far Cry 5 </em> is awesome! Ubisoft has kept its promise to offer fans of the legendary franchise something different, and that's different – that's different Cheezburger, microwaving Alien Guns, and searching for big foot, some players do not have the easiest time, and that's mainly because they get stuck in an endless death loop. </p>
<p>  Oddly placed are safe checkpoints triggered just seconds before death, such as the Rescue in the middle of a cliff, and this memory function keeps the player in this endless scroll of dying over and over again ̵<div class=
1; it's like Groundhog's Day, but with less Bill Murray.

Many The players have theirs in social mediaSharing frustration and the "loop o f death" and the loop of annoyance:

One player participated in the Reddit Forums when he tried to get a player into his co-op experience to leave the circle. The second player just landed in the fatal animation cycle. In the same forum, another player suggested pressing the PS button in quick succession to pause the title mid-load-in.

So far, Ubisoft's only comment has been to make users understand that they should just start a new game on progress, which might not be the best option. Hopefully a fix will be provided soon as more and more players report this issue and it seems the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game are affected!

One commentator described the loop situation:

"A dragged death sometimes occurs when using an aircraft, for example when the plane crashes into a mountain or high obstacle, reloading the game, again in the Aircraft cockpit starts – but the plane does not fly forward in this case, but falls freely on the ground without any possibility to accelerate it again and fly forward again The only chance to prevent dying and dying and dying again and again, is really quick to get off the plane and use the parachute.

But if the parachute is unavailable and all skill points are currently spent in other character abilities, or if the aircraft is too low to have enough time to complete the parachute Opening and opening the parachute – a never-ending endless death loop will occur, and all games evolve ss. Will be lost … . "

For the moment, we recommend that you recommend manual storage – OFTEN. That way, when you catch yourself in a loop, you have one last backup to fall back on.

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