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Far Cry 5 Live Event: Access to & # 39; Well done & # 39; and receive the special rewards

Far Cry 5 menus have promoted the upcoming release of live events, and the first is finally available. Well Done offers you a specific destination and special rewards for completion during the scheduled time; Learn how to access live events and what to expect.

You must first start the game and save your game. From there, go to the game menu (your card, inventory, etc.) and go to the online section. From here, you can select Live Events to get to a screen that notifies you of the current event. You are informed of the goal and can take on the task that you can complete while playing normally.

Well done, since this first live event is called, you have to kill animals with fire. Provided that you have no moral concerns with that, there is another wrinkle in your way: you can not use the two most obvious means, the Flamethrower and the Molotovs. So you have to rely on things like flame arrows to get the required number of kills.

The Live Events screen tracks your personal progress and the progress of the community. A special reward is waiting to reach the threshold with everyone. Personally, after some progress you will receive some silver bars. Collect all 20 kills and you'll get a prestige flamethrower called Flamebearer. You also earn some silver bullion as the Far Cry 5 community progresses. With a total of 1

50,000 kills, participants receive a Flamebearer outfit. All this must be done when the event ends on Tuesday, April 10th.

Live events are another piece of the long-term content that Far Cry 5 promises to offer. Outside the campaign, which is playable in single player or co-op mode, there is also the Far Cry Arcade, where you can create or download and play levels created by other players. In addition, Ubisoft itself has some DLC to offer, and that sounds pretty good. More information about the game is available in our Far Cry 5 trial.

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