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Far Cry 6 confirmed full trailer leaks before today’s show

[[[[To update: A full trailer for the game also appears to have leaked before the Ubisoft Forward event. It has pre-rendered graphics. We’ll probably see this trailer today during Ubisoft Forward. It is unclear whether the gameplay will follow.]

One of Ubisoft’s big revelations for the Ubisoft Forward event has already leaked, and now the company has created a short teaser for Far Cry 6 with a view of its big star. The short clip shows Breaking Bads Giancarlo Esposito smoking a cigarette with a short message that we will see more at the event. We would not want to make Gustavo Fring angry, especially if he has a box cutter nearby.

The leak revealed that Esposito will appear in Far Cry 6, which is supported by this tweet from the official Far Cry account. Far Cry 6 will take place in a tropical paradise called Yara, which is ruled by despotic Anton Castillo and his son Diego. Esposito probably plays Castillo.

This tweet seems to confirm the leak with a cheeky note and says: “Anton would not be happy.”

; And as those who saw Breaking Bad or its spin-off Better Call Saul testify, you don’t want to come to the bad side of Esposito. He also played a new Star Wars villain in the Disney + series The Mandalorian.

The listing also revealed that Far Cry 6 appears on both current and next generation consoles and offers a free upgrade path for digital purchases from PlayStation 4 to PS5, similar to Microsoft Smart Delivery on Xbox One on Xbox Series X. The leaked business is scheduled to be released on February 18, 2021. This will likely happen a few months after the next generation of consoles arrive.

The Ubisoft Forward Stream will take place tomorrow, July 12th. We expect more from Far Cry 6 there, as well as other games like Watch Dogs: Legion and Hyper Scape.

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