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Fate 2: Black Armory Trailer shows Last Word, teasing Thorn's return

Destiny 2: Black Armory is nearing its end. The Last Word Hand Cannon comes into play tomorrow, January 29, in a new quest line. But the fan favorite cannon It will not be the only hand cannon that returns as part of the Destiny 2 annual passport, as this trailer annoys the return of Thorn, the most notorious weapon Destiny Season of the Drifters.

The Last Word is a PvP-oriented weapon designed to quickly counter enemies at medium to close range. Unlike most hand cannons, Last Word is designed to shoot down from the hip like a submachine gun, quickly and non-targeted. The trailer confirms that this kind of fast action throttle will return with Last Word, with some fantastic shots of the player firing a grenade from the air before defeating his enemy.

The Last Word has been a favorite of the PvP players of Destiny since the first published game and dominated the Crucible in the hands of seasoned players. In Destiny 2 Last Word will become available through a long quest line, which probably requires a lot of Crucible games ̵

1; assuming the usual Datamin crew is correct.

The most interesting part of this trailer, however, has nothing to do with Last Word itself. Bungie teases instead that "every hero needs a villain" and that several thorns are shot in the wall.

The Destiny 2 Annual Pass Roadmap

For those who are unaware, this is a clear bias by Thorn, another exotic hand gun of Destiny . Thorn is infamous and has earned the love and anger of Destiny fans alike. The weapon fires thorns that are in enemies and cause damage over time, making a firefight with just a touch of health almost impossible.

Bungie teases in the trailer that this "rogue weapon" will arrive in the season of the drifter. This language is interesting given the seasonal roadmap that Bungie published late last year. In the season of the Drifter, there are two exotic quests: one that is free for all players, and one that requires Joker's Wild – the equivalent of Black Armory next season. This trailer seems to indicate that unlike last word, Thorn will be free for all players next season.

While Bungie's bias is obvious, nothing has yet been confirmed by the name. Players must wait until Joker's Wild and the drifter's squad will be released this March before they can get their hands on Thorn.

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