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Father & # 39; empty & # 39; after 9-year-old Detroit girl who was killed by dogs

The father of a girl alleged by authorities to have been killed by dogs of a neighbor who had disbanded in Detroit said he had tried to rescue his 9-year-old, but "she disappeared when I was she reached ".

Emma Hernandez was riding her bicycle in an alley on Monday afternoon when three dogs, referred to as pit bulls or pit bull mixes, were released from a garden and attacked, the police said. She later died in a hospital and the owner of the dog was taken into custody. No charges filed.

"I tried my best, I tried CPR, I tried to help her, I did everything I could," said Emma's father Armando Hernandez to WWJ-AM on Tuesday. "She was gone when I reached her."

One of the dogs was shot dead by a bystander while a medical crew tried to rescue the girl in an alley. The other dogs were captured. Neighbors threw stones at the dogs to stop the attack, police said.

"They did not stop," Edward Cruz told the Detroit News. "I had to step in."

Hernandez said the dogs lived in a house behind him and he had a quarrel with the neighbor over them last week. Hernandez says the dogs were not being held properly and the fence was too thin.

"I knew the dogs were there, I knew the neighbors," he said. "We had a fight last week and he just did not care about his dogs, he could have prevented that."

Hernandez said he plays the tragedy again and again and feels "heartbroken" and "empty".

"Every time I close my eyes, I see my little girl," he said.
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