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Father's Day 2019: 11 gift ideas for tech-savvy fathers

  These kids apparently got their father a tie or a kind of parking lot toy ... were wireless, noise-canceling headphones still not a thing?
Enlarge / These kids seem to have gotten their dad a tie or some kind of parking toy … were wireless headsets with noise cancellation still nothing?

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The Father's Day Is Coming Closer It's time to think about what you can do to make your father figure feel special. A gift that not only spends valuable time with Dad, but also shows how much you care about him (and how much you listen to him) can make the day even better.

We have our most recent reviews, guides and personal tests to choose from 11 possible technical gifts for Father's Day, which we warmly recommend. Some of these ideas offer comprehensive Ars reviews, while others are devices that we personally use, love, and have simply considered great additions to every dad's life. And if the father figure in your life is the one who never tampered with the programming of the VCR watch, we even picked up a few tips for the less tech-savvy dads – and those suggestions are better than hot shirt or polo gift options the tie too. Read the full list of Father's Day Gift Ideas below and find out which products are right for you before the two-day delivery times expire this week.

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HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

Jeff Dunn

When your dad wants to play a good video game from time to time, he feels closer to action with a nice headset. If you want, you can opt for a high fidelity option – we still like SteelSeries – Arctis Pro + GameDAC when the money does not matter – but for someone who is used to it, without headphones HyperX's Cloud Stinger Can Bring A Remarkable 50 USD Audio Upgrade] The Cloud Stinger has what audio idiots like us call a "V-shaped" sound signature. This means that the bass and treble are raised while the middle frequencies are lower. (The frequency response curve of such headphones is therefore shaped like the letter v, hence the term.) Audio purists are not usually fans of this type of profile, since it is not natural but for many popular music that Makes things sound very energetic.

It turns out that it's also good for games: the larger bass gives explosions more juice, while the elevated highs and high mids make footsteps and ambient sounds more immediate. The Cloud Stinger takes advantage of this sound. Its lower end is strong, but it does not occur on the centers and heights are available without tire. The imaging performance is also above average, which means that it's good to place certain sounds where they should be, how it plays the audio of a game – which is important! If you listen to music here, you will not notice many fine details, but for a headset worth $ 50, it's lively and well-tuned for the purposes of most games.

Apart from the sound, the other two pillars of a good gaming headset are comfort and microphone performance. The Cloud Stinger meets these two brands quite well. It's light and well padded in the right places, with earcups giving the ears plenty of room to breathe, and not clasping my big head too tightly. The volume control under the right auricle is also nice and soft. The permanently attached microphone is more than enough powerful – not good enough for professional language work, but full and clean enough for the game party members to hear you clearly, with a turmoil in the background.

The only big thing to look at Outstanding is the build quality. The headband of the Cloud Stinger is reinforced with stainless steel and feels sturdy. Most of the headset is made of hard plastic. It's not the kind of thing we recommend to travel, but this big connected microphone should indicate that this is meant for home anyway. Finally, it should be noted that this is a wired headset, but with game controllers and PCs this should not be as important as with smartphones. The Cloud Alpha by HyperX offers a more comfortable design and a much better sound for about twice the price. However, if your dad has not switched to a special headset, the Cloud Stinger brings the fun for a more manageable price.

Jabra Elite Active 65t Wireless Earphones


Jabra made truly wireless earphones long before AirPods conquered the world, and Dad will appreciate the more professional look and feel of Jabra's Elite Active 65t earphones. The color options black, blue and red are not only subtle, but also refined. The styleless design of the earphones helps to make them disappear on your profile when you wear them.

Besides, they actually fit in your ears! AirPods are only for people with specific ear shapes. The three included silicone earbuds, included with the Elite Active 65ts, help you find the right fit for your body.

Jabra is known for producing high quality audio devices Really wireless earphones are no different. The sound quality is excellent, and the noise reduction of the earphones and wind noise protection prevent unwanted noise from music or phone calls. Also, with the built-in microphone system, you do not have to turn off your smartphone to speak during a call. This special model also connects to Alexa and Siri, so you can ask a virtual assistant to share with you information such as the weather forecast, the time of your next meeting, and more.

The Elite Active 65t features a motion sensor and an IP-56 rating that protects it from sweat and dust. This helps them act as activity trackers. This is useful if you can not make a run without your music. The battery life is not too bad – five hours of talk and listen time or 15 hours if the battery is charged regularly with the included charging case. AirPods cut it for some people, but Jabras Elite Active 65ts are ideal for those who want a more advanced pair of wireless earphones.

Ikea Eneby 30 Bluetooth Speaker

Jeff Dunn

For the dad who likes to listen to music (or podcasts or the radio) while things are done, a good home speaker like the Ikea Eneby 30 should be a friendly companion in the house or in the garage. Yes, Ikea – the best-known company for selling angry furniture and Swedish meatballs – also offers one of the better values ​​for wireless audio.

The 90-dollar Eneby 30 is a Bluetooth speaker, which, however, does not have a power outlet, but is powered by an electrical outlet making it an internal battery, therefore, not portable. But that's okay: This is a simple device with simple goals. The first is to be easy to use. The 12-inch frame has a slider for controlling volume, power, and pairing. It's easy to set up.

The other aim of the Eneby is to sound great – and for the price it is outstanding. Under the attractive (and removable) fabric cover are two 4-inch woofers and a 1-inch tweeter. The woofers give the Eneby an exceptional bass response for this class of speaker, so that hip hop and rhythm heavy rock are really punchy. This bass, however, is tight and not sloppy. In the meantime, the highs are clear and clean, and the whole thing gets louder without causing distortion when the dial is turned supergranular detail or the kind of imaging that broadens a Spurton . However, if you think your dad wants a dedicated speaker, the Eneby will still give him a rich, full sound for a single package that does not put a lot of strain on the wallet.

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