24-year-old David Katz is accused of rampaging during a video game tournament before he killed himself.

BALTIMORE – ATF and FBI agents raided a home in Baltimore on Sunday night in connection with the deadly shootings at a video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida.

The suspect, David Katz, 24, of Baltimore, killed two and wounded 11 before taking his own life, according to Jacksonville sheriff Mike Williams.

The Baltimore House on the 1200 block of Harbor Island Walk was searched by the evening Sunday. The law enforcement authorities arrived at 6 pm in the quiet row of almost identical brick houses. According to Amanda Hils, the public information officer at Baltimore ATF, they searched the property for just over four hours.

The road is just steps away from the Pataspco River near Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

Hils did not say why The house was searched or commented on what was found in it. The property records show that the Harbor Island Walk at home is owned by a man named Richard Katz. FBI spokesman Dave Fitz confirmed that agents had gone to the suspect's father's home in Baltimore. He declined to publish details, citing the ongoing investigation.

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Who was David Katz?

David Katz had come to Florida to participate in the Madden NFL 19 competition in the Jacksonville Landing Entertainment Complex.

Allegedly, Katz stayed in Jacksonville the night before the shooting, possibly in a hotel that Balitmore Sun said:

Jacksonville sheriff Mike Williams said the authorities believe Katz carried out the attack with at least one handgun , Williams said the suspect had died from a self-inflicted shot.

According to media reports, Katz should have been upset because of the loss of the game. The Los Angeles Times said Sunday's killer was a lost candidate at the tournament.

Other players at the tournament said Katz was quieter. Shane Kivlen, a friend of one of those killed, said Katz did not talk much to his players, either online or in person at Madden tournaments.

He said much of what he and others knew about Katz learned from his confusing style of play. Kivlen says Katz was clever, "but something was wrong with him."

EA Sports, the game maker, names a David Katz winner of the 2017 Championship.

Katz has been active in eSports tournaments, where video game players compete against each other and are played on social media. He was believed to be known as "Bread" and won the February 2017 Buffalo Bills tournament of the Madden NFL football game.

Katz was a graduate of Hammond High School in Howard County in 2011, according to the Balitmore Sun. He also attended the University of Maryland before, but was not enrolled this semester, University President Wallace Loh

He enrolled in September 2014, and studied environmental science and technology, a university spokeswoman said. He did not live on campus.

Post: Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY; The Associated Press


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