Mayor Andrew Gillum received a ticket to "Hamilton" in New York City from a covert FBI agent, which he and his campaign did not divulge Previous explanations of the trip, according to text messages published by a lawyer for Gillum's erstwhile close friend Adam Corey

Chris Kise, a Tallahassee lawyer representing Corey, published 150 pages of documents that included Gillum's travels in 2016 brought York City and Costa Rica. In a press release, he said he handed over the same documents last week to meet a referral from the Florida Commission on Ethics investigating travel.

The revelations have the potential to politically harm Gillum at the same time voters in Florida throw early elections in the governor's race. Gillum scored a surprise victory over several better-funded Democratic contenders in August, overtaking former GOP opponent Ron DeSantis in recent polls.


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In a text message dated August 10, 2016, Corey Gillum tells that "Mike Miller" tickets for a performance of "Hamilton" would have. Miller was among three undercover FBI agents who were sent to Tallahassee. Public corruption began around the summer of 2015. At the time of the trip, Gillum did not know that Miller was a covert investigator. In New York, Gillum met his brother, Marcus Gillum, and Corey.

"Mike Miller and the crew have tickets for us for Hamilton tonight at 8pm," Corey said in a text. "Please let me know if you can join us?"

"I can be free at 6pm, but I have MTGs tomorrow too," Gillum replied. "Great news about Hamilton." On Tuesday, after the Tampa Bay Times broke through the story, Gillum responded that the lyrics had freed him from allegations that he had not gone his own way on excursions. He took the opportunity to attack his GOP rival, former Congressman Ron DeSantis.

"These records justify and add further evidence that I paid my own way on every occasion or with my family for all trips including picking up tickets from my brother Marcus, who was with a group of his own friends It's not about a Broadway show, it's about a showdown, because Ron DeSantis and his staff have no vision, no health plan, and run the worst negative campaign in Florida's history, Floridians deserve better. "

Gillum Reluctant to Discuss The Journey to New York Asked by a reporter from Tallahassee in August 2017, whether he is visiting "Hamilton" or a Mets game in New York Woll and who paid for the tickets, he replied, "I do not know about that." He refused to give a yes or no answer as to whether he had participated in any of the trips and claimed his time with covert FBI agents was "personal".

In September, after his unlikely first win, Gillum told the Washington Post he got the "Hamilton" ticket from his brother Marcus. Gillum's lawyer, Barry Richard, made a similar report in an interview with the Tallahassee Democrat.

"I'm sketchy in the details," Gillum told the Post. "All I know is that I got my ticket from Marcus, we go to & # 39; Hamilton & # 39;. I enjoyed it a lot, I had a great time."

Gillum said in the report, he assumed at the time that his brother had bought the ticket. He said he learned later that his ticket had been handed over to Corey by Corey for a Jay Z bill. Gillum's campaign told the post office that Gillum did not know the price of the ticket and never compensated for it.