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FBI report in McCabe fires uses discrepancy with public statements: CNN

An internal FBI report used as part of the reasons to shoot Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Andrew George McCabeMcCabe launches legal defense fund after firing Sessions claims "I've done the right thing" on Russia's CNN too host Comey next month MORE contains testimony from his former boss James Comey James Brien ComeyDem: People Will Walk On The Road When Trump Tries To Get Rid Of Mueller Tickets For Comey Book Tour As much as 0 Senate Panel Information about Trump's adjutant for Russia probe MORE demands that McCabe's public statements about his detonation, CNN reports, reports Friday.

McCabe has claimed that he had authority to allow FBI officials to share information with The Wall Street Journal for a story in October 2016 regarding the Clinton Foundation, but his statements are reportedly contradictory with statements made by Comey Report on Personal Responsibility before the Fall of McCabe

Since his release, McCabe has claimed that the disclosure was made through the books and that his move to share the information was "no Secret of Comey and other supervisors in the office he was within his authority as FBI official number 2.

But Comey told the Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice that he could not remember McCabe mentioning that he authorized officials, Details of the Bureau's investigation into the Clinton Foundation share with the press, sources CNN said.

One source said that the apparent discrepancy between McCabe's post-fire statements and the report, which is currently only open to members of Congress, is likely to be the result of a McCabe-Comey misunderstanding, and nothing more.

A lawyer representing McCabe told CNN that his client's memory of the events was much clearer than Comey's and that he had emails showing that McCabe Comey was aware of his ongoing interactions with the reporter ,

Rep. Jim Jordan James (Jim) Daniel JordanConservative lawmakers hold calls for Doug Collins second special council to run for House Judiciary Chair House Republicans grumble about the "worst process ever" MORE (R-Ohio) A congressman who saw the OPR report and demanded McCabe's shots said the document cited four McCabe cases about his interactions with the press: once to Comey, once to FBI investigators and twice to the Inspector General's office.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Jefferson (Jeff) Beauregard SessionsConservative lawmakers hold calls for second special council Carter side says FBI asked for RNC meeting with Russian envoy GOP chairmen: Sessions move to alleged FISA abuse & # 39; A step in the right direction – MORE cited what he said were unauthorized revelations in his declaration on McCabe's dismissal, and said the former deputy director showed a "lack of openness" on several occasions, including under oath ,

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