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FCC warns of "One Ring" robocall scam

The FCC on Friday warned consumers of a wave of robocalls known as "One Ring" – but it has nothing to do with Sauron or his henchman in Middle-earth.

Jokes aside, the "One Ring" or "Wangiri" fraud is addressed with a series of calls to potential victims – usually from the area code 222 – often in the middle of the night.

"According to recent reports, these calls use the country code" 222 "from West Africa as the nation of Mauritania," the FCC said in a press release. "News reports have spoken overnight in New York State and Arizona."

It works like this: The caller (most likely an automated answering machine) dials your number and hangs up almost immediately ̵

1; usually after a ringing, hence the cheating name. The same call can be repeated several times in a row, especially at night. Apparently, the cheater bids you are worried about waking up repeated calls from the same number, and call you to find out what's going on.

Then the trap is triggered. A callback works like a 1-900 number, resulting in a heavy toll that you'll see on your next phone bill.

Since there is no way to throw this One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom, the FCC never advises you to call back a phone number you do not know. You can also ask your mobile service provider to block outgoing calls with international numbers. And if you do not know someone in Mauritania, you should not call anyone with a (222) phone number.

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