The hits for Huawei continue. Following the announcement of an export ban on US technology, many Huawei suppliers and partners around the world have broken ties with the company. You may not be able to reliably send a Huawei phone. PCMag has attempted to send a P30 Pro from the United Kingdom to the United States, and it has been returned to the sender because of ongoing legal drama.

PCMag's British office had the P30 Pro, and the New York office needed it. If this was another phone, sending it would be a simple matter. However, the PCMag staff filled out the shipping form honestly and listed the model of the phone. The package left the UK via Parcelforce, part of the Royal Mail system. FedEx received the package in the US, and five hours later it was on its way back to the UK, with a note accusing the US government of cracking down on Huawei.

We at Android Police are not lawyers, but it seems none For legal reasons, FedEx was unable to deliver a Huawei phone. This is just one example of extreme risk avoidance – FedEx does not want to be part of anything that says "Huawei". It's probably possible to simply fill in the forms with common terms like "used smartphones", but you should not have to.