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Feel Good Man Trailer: The documentary Pepe the Frog is a wild tragedy

Feels good on man debuted at the Sundance Film Festival 2020 in January, which took place about 8,000 years ago.

But as we move deeper into the election season, I’m still affected by this experience. The story of cartoonist Matt Furie and his harmless comic book creation Pepe the Frog speaks volumes about the toxic potential of the Internet. The first trailer, which had its premiere on Wednesday, delivers the same chills.

The director, illustrator, animator and journalist Arthur Jones. Feels good on man begins as a portrait of an artist who is gentle, stupid fury, explores the MySpace̵

7;s popularity Boys club Comic, then explodes when 4chan catches wind from Pepe.

Pepe was easy to draw and easier to convert into nightmare fuel. It became the feed for all types of internet users and eventually developed into an entry in the hate symbol index of the Anti-Defamation League. At one point, Jones interviewed a member of Trump’s campaign about appropriating Furie’s comic for propaganda. Feels good on man is characterized by the fact that it connects the dots between an “edge” meme and a grass root movement that has transformed all of America.

I was calling at the time Feels good on man “The Most Urgent and Poignant Political Documentary of the Year,” a statement I’ll stand for. The film will surely entertain those who have accompanied Furie’s journey to recover Pepe from extremists, and should blow anyone who doesn’t know how Internet meme culture has become a substitute religion for millions of people who want to understand the world . That said, documentary is fun for the whole family!

Feels good on man will be released on VOD on September 4th.

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