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Festivals in Spain you should Travel To

You never quite know what you’ve got until it’s gone. For years, we’ve been able to travel freely to the continent of Europe. For centuries, we’ve been free to gather together in large groups. But most of us didn’t take advantage of that freedom while it was there by visiting the vast range of festivals available elsewhere on the continent – including the amazing, eye-catching Spanish ones. Now that freedom has been limited – at least, for the time being.

If you’re a frequent traveller, then this period of enforced isolation might strike you as close to intolerable. But you can still plan for your next break in Spain, and make it better than ever. What’s more, you’ll probably find that your enthusiasm for travel becomes greater than ever!

One region that stands out, both for its wealth of summer festivals, and its general appeal to tourists, is the Valencian community.

Bennicassim, Valencia

This beach resort represents everything that makes this part of the world such a draw for tourists. It’s sunny, it’s sandy, and it’s fantastic fun. The Festival Internacional de Benicàssim, or FIB, has been running every July since 1

995. It offers a pleasing mixture of mainstream rock and pop artists, and thus it’s great for those looking to let go without catering to any particular niche. This is perfect for those looking for the familiar festival experience in a sunny, exotic setting.

Spring Festival, Alicante

Alicante is the second largest city in the Valencian Community. It’s gorgeous, with stunning architecture that’s bathed in sunshine for most of the summer. The region hosts a spring festival each year for just a weekend. Most of the names you’ll find here are Spanish ones, rather than the international artists that more of us will be familiar with. But if you’re travelling to Spain in search of music, then you should probably be prepared to hear some Spanish musicians. If you’re looking to limit the cost of your stay in the city, then it’s worth thinking about booking your Alicante airport transfers as far in advance as possible. You’ve got plenty of time in which to do so!

Las Fallas Festival, Valencia

Moving back northward, we find Las Fallas Festival in Valencia. This isn’t a music festival, but a city-wide celebration of art and culture that offers thousands of different things to do and experiences to sample. You’ll find street art, music, pyrotechnics, and more traditionally-cooked paella than anyone could possibly eat. If you’re looking to experience authentic Spanish culture, then this is among the best places and times to do it. The festival lasts for 19 days from the beginning of March, and should be in excellent health in 2021.