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FIBA ​​World Cup 2019: Team USA resigned from France; what went wrong and how it can be fixed before the 2020 Olympics

When this team United States World Cup directory finally came together, everyone knew that it would be vulnerable. Kemba Walker and Khris Middleton were the only two All-Stars, as they did not have a real NBA superstar, and during the selection process, a large number of players took their name from the hat. Harrison Barnes and Miles Plumlee were the only ones with experience in the senior team. And we know that the international teams can play.

Not even a medal?

In fact, the biggest fear became reality on Wednesday when [USA] team lost 89-79 in the quarter-finals of the 201

9 FIBA ​​World Cup against France a series of 58 consecutive international victories since the USA ended with NBA players. It is definitely emptied. I would stop calling it embarrassing. Again, our best players have not played, and France, led by the Utah Jazz Center and two-time defensive player of the year, Rudy Gobert, is a real favorite. It was a matchup that many people pointed out as a potential trap. Here are two things that have gone particularly wrong for the United States, and a look at how they may be corrected before the 2020 Olympics in Japan.

Absence of a Closer

The US faced significant difficulties at the beginning of the third quarter with a minus of 7: 10 when Donovan Mitchell took over and scored 14 points in the third quarter. Then he scored a zero in the fourth. It was a big question to step into this tournament, which would be the first player at the end of a close game, and Kemba Walker appeared as that guy. But Walker was in the middle of his worst performance of the tournament, with no field goals by three quarters against France. Nevertheless, Gregg Popovich went to him. Part of it was based on matchups, but for the most part, Walker got the ball and just could not manage to go 2 to 7 in the fourth quarter, while missing two decisive free throws with less than a minute of play time. In the meantime, after firing France for three quarters, Mitchell had only three shots in the fourth, one of which was meaningless six seconds before the end. Mitchell had not been great throughout the tournament and Walker was the team's top scorer. Pop had clearly decided that Walker would bring the US home in these situations, regardless of what happened in this actual game.

Who knows if Mitchell would have continued his hot rating in the fourth. It's another beast in the money time with the weight of your country on your shoulders. But it feels like he should have got the chance, and it just shows that even at the highest player level there is a gap between a star – or in Mitchell's case a budding star – and a true blue superstar the eyes of a coach. Kevin Durant gets the ball in the fourth quarter. LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard and Stephen Curry are all on the ball. But none of these people were there and Walker was closest to a superstar on this team.

It's not really a hit on Walker. He is a phenomenal player and the third team of the All-NBA last season. But he is not Durant or LeBron or Kawhi. He is not a guy who can get what he wants when he wants. The tighter situation was from the start a gap in this repetition of the US squad, which has cost her in the end.

Size matters

Team USA did most of its hay as long as it was in this tournament and played it small. Against France, 6-foot-7 Jaylen Brown saw significant minutes in the middle, and it was no coincidence that 7-1 Rudy Gobert had a field day. Gobert finished with 21 points and 16 boards, but it was more than his own statistic. It was his presence.

A small US defense battling for Gobert's share of course had less bandwidth for shooters like Evan Fournier, who ended up with 22 points in the 4-of-8 shooting of 3, Nando De Colo, who scored 18 points on the 4th scored against -8 shooting. of-6 shooting at the 10-time free-throw line, and even Frank Ntilikina, the evil guardian of the New York Knicks Whio in the third year, finished the 5-of-9 shooting with 11 points.

Myles Turner, who was the starting center for the US and even a candidate for the Defensive Player of the Year, was theoretically a match of the same size for Gobert, but he was in terrible trouble and only played 10 minutes. In addition, Popovich consistently favored small lineups The competition.

If you play small against a center like Gobert, you will almost certainly be killed on the boards, and the US will have 44-28, a number that contained 13 offensive boards for France, which resulted in 16 second chance points. To fight this as a small line-up, you have to run and shoot, but the US has only scored nine fast-break points and France has doubled its points against sales.

So it was really important to shoot USA as the only place in the team not only to find an advantage, but to actually do some groundwork and only make seven threes to France's eight. Make a few more 3-pointers, and you can start pulling Gobert away from the hoop. As it was, Gobert hit the lane during his pick-and-roll coverage, locking the lanes and daring Team USA to shoot down 3s, which was not nearly consistent enough.

The US attacked Gobert with some disks when they pulled it out at counters. Brown attacked from the middle of the floor and from the high post. But overall, they simply did not do enough as a team. Gobert always floated at both ends.

One of the game's biggest games ended in less than a minute, and the US followed at four – when Mitchell took out his jazz teammate and went one-on-one into the ring to get blocked behind.

In the end, France put too much size on the table, and Team USA's kids stayed without enough food to survive.

What's next?

The good news is that the US qualified for the 2020 Olympics. When a bunch of superstars sign up for this team to restore the pride of US basketball, it's a breeze. But if this is not the case and the US just adds a handful of big names to the squad we've just lost, the two things we've just talked about are shooting and size, along with a set approximation Priorities.

Remember, Stephen Curry has never won an Olympic gold medal. It's pretty much the only hardware missing in its case. That could motivate him, and that would definitely be a step in the right direction in terms of shooting / playing. Anthony Davis will be 27 years old next summer, and that speaks to size. Maybe you'll get James Harden and / or Kyrie Irving for the game and Paul George and / or Kawhi Leonard for the Mutual Versatility. If you can persuade LeBron James to come aboard one last time, that will kill about three birds with one stone.

We will see who is committed to the cause.

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