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Fifty-four Jimmy Buffett fans from the United States fell ill during a group trip to the Dominican Republic, says the travel agency Story

– About half of the members of a Jimmy Buffett fan club from Oklahoma who traveled to the Dominican Republic in April became ill, the travel agency confirmed the group.

Dana Flowers, a member of the Central Oklahoma Parrothead Association, is also the group's travel agent. About 54 of the 114 visitors who stayed at Hotel Riu Palace Macao in Punta Cana fell ill during the trip.

"There were headaches, vomiting, fever, diarrhea, severe diarrhea and chills and fever," Flowers said. "About the third day, we noticed that people did not come to scheduled events, and then we found that people got sick."

At that time, visitors only assumed that it was "food" poisoning or similar. "

" All those who got sick have one thing in common: they swam in the pool's pool bar and / or drank some of the bar in the pool, "said Flowers. "So it could be related to this pool."

Two members of the group were tested positive for salmonella after returning home after a doctor's visit, he said.

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A Nebraska woman who took part in the trip was tested positive for Salmonella last Wednesday and marks the third known case of infection.

"She was ill and had diarrhea every day since we got back," Flowers said.

The woman's case was handed over to the CDC, "and they escalated their tests further to see if they can pinpoint a cause," he said.

"I personally think it has something to do either with the pesticides or insecticides that are used at the resort, or with the chemicals they use in the pool," said Flowers. "These are just my own thoughts and my theory. Also food-borne diseases.

Everyone on the journey has recovered, except for the woman who, according to Flowers, still suffers from salmonella.

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The CDC and the FBI are investigating in the Dominican Republic, and Flowers is "just a way to wait to see what they determine, "he said.

"If they detect any kind of negligence, we will check from there whether action should be taken," said the travel agent.

The Central Oklahoma Parrothead Association, which is responsible for Greater Oklahoma City, is part of the national organization Parrot Heads in Paradise.

"None of the PHiP board members was present, so we can not comment," said Sue Kermis,
PHIP member director.

Hotel Riu Palace Macao and Jimmy Buffett's representative did not immediately respond to a comment.

The news that the group is ill is due to reports of a series of tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic last year.

This story was reported in Los Angeles.

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