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Fighters from the Gaza Strip launch after strike on the office of Hamas-Häschers rockets in the direction of Israel

Gaza militants fired at least 10 missiles Monday night after Israeli forces hit important targets, including the offices of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. The rocket fire from Gaza hit Israeli cities on the border, including a house in the city of Sderot. Nobody was injured.

Under the last rocket fire, sirens were heard howling in the south of Israel.

Israel's strikes had come on a rocket attack on Monday from Palestinian territory.

NETANYAHU SHORT WASHINGTON-TRIP, MOBILITY TO GAZA ROCKET ATTACK. It was a strengthening of Israeli troops and missile defense systems WOUNDS 7

"Israel will not tolerate that, I will not tolerate it," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday during a White House meeting with President Trump.

"Israel is energetically responding to this wanton aggression," he said. "We will do everything we can to defend our people and defend our state."

The leadership of Hamas hid from the Israeli air raids. In both explosions, Israel fired warning shots to evacuate the buildings.

"This morning, a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip in central Israel," Israeli forces (IDF) said in a statement. "In response, IDF fighters recently attacked Hamas chairman Ismail Haniyeh's office in the northern Rimal district of the Gaza Strip, and the building that was hit has hosted many military meetings, previously during Operation Pillar of Defense in 201

2 been hit. " said the IDF.

"This prominent Hamas building is being used by Hamas for terrorist purposes and was used as a target in addition to IDF strikes across the Gaza Strip, and is responsible for all events occurring in and out of the Gaza Strip." [19659003] CLICK HERE TO OBTAIN THE FOX NEWS APP

. Netanyahu was presented with a "bench of goals" that were collected early by the IDF, as is usual, but this time they were called "otzem" goals "or bigger goals. Netanyahu approved all goals one after another.

The recent escalation of violence began early Monday when a Gaza rocket hit a house in central Israel and injured seven people. Israel vowed to "vigorously" respond, which promised the prospect of a fourth war between the militant Hamas rulers of Israel and Gaza.

The rocket fired from the Gaza Strip in the early morning destroyed a residential building and left it in ruins. broken furniture and debris scattered. A shattered cot lay between the rubble and two family dogs died in the explosion.

In anticipation of a strong Israeli response, Gaza's Hamas leaders have apparently gone underground. Witnesses reported that Hamas evacuated its staff from government buildings. Hamas also announced that its Gaza chief Yehiya Sinwar had canceled a scheduled public speech. Israel has also closed its main transits to Gaza and imposed fishing off the coast of the Gaza Strip.

This is an evolving story.

Trey Yingst, Lucia I. Suarez Sang and The Associated Press of Fox News contributed to this report.

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