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‘Filthy Rich’ Recap: Season 1 Episode 1 – Premiere Ending Explained

If you search for “guilty” in the dictionary, you will likely find a picture of Kim Cattrall glamorously burning down a southern mansion and then slowly walking away while whispering, “red in light.”

Coincidentally, that’s how we meet her character at the premiere of the new Fox drama on Monday Filthy rich. The woman formerly known as Samantha Jones was reborn as Margaret Monreaux, a millionaire televangelist with a really good heart – and a forked tongue. Case in point: When she discovered that her late husband had three children with three different women, she explains, “I dealt with a lot of bastards to get where I am. These three won̵

7;t be any different. “(Funny, we don’t know that Bible verse.)

Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 1Regarding Margaret’s unholy realm, the premiere also introduces us to her staff, including superstar preacher Paul Luke Thomas (played by Aaron Lazar). Filthy rich Executive producer Tate Taylor promises TVLine that Lazar’s uncanny resemblance to real life TV minister Joel Osteen is “purely coincidental.” However, Taylor recalls, “When he auditioned, I said, ‘Are you? hoax Me right now? ‘ The good Lord sent us gifts from heaven. “

In general, Taylor says, “The show is not pro-Christian and not anti-Christian. It is for all that is good for you. I grew up with my grandparents in South Carolina in the deep south. Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker were on TV the whole time. It’s part of our stuff down here, so I just wrote what I knew. “

For Margaret, things get even more complicated when these so-called bastards – Ginger, the owner of an adult webcam service; Antonio, a single father and aspiring boxer; and Jason, a Colorado weed farmer, finally arrive. In part because there is path too much sexual tension between them and Margaret’s other children, a subtle subject that quickly becomes too much to overlook.

“I filmed it with all sorts of suggestions so I had a few options,” Taylor admits to the slightly incestuous moments of the premiere, from Ginger’s suggestive comment in the boardroom to Jason and Rose’s annoying kiss. “It’s fun when Rose drinks this wine and flirts with it. It’s almost worthy, but hopefully it’s cuter. When we showed this scene to the first audience, they said, ‘Oooh, s – t!’ “

Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 1Margaret’s first instinct is to buy the trio’s silence, but Ginger – whose mother was romantically linked to Margaret’s husband Eugene for a full year – may find that she and her new half-sibling are understaffed. So she decides to go public via a press conference only to be foiled by Margaret, who is one step ahead of history by personally introducing her new family members to the world.

Then comes the biggest twist of all: in the final moments of the episode, we learn that Eugene survived his plane crash. Taylor won’t reveal what Eugene’s future holds, but he does remind TVLine that this show is about belief and lack of belief, and about finding peace. It can be turbulent. We will see that his journey will be everywhere because we are human and keep making mistakes and following bad instincts. It’s a triumphant journey, but not without major problems. And surprises. “

Also worth a discussion …

* Aside from a possible family connection, was Jason and Rose’s kiss one of the most uncomfortable lipsticks you’ve seen on TV? Maybe ever

Speaking of Jason, he’s clearly not the real deal as we’ve seen him collect a spit sample from another man in a hospital bed, which makes us feel a little better about kissing Rose. But only a little. The question now is … Who is Eugen? real Son? And does he do it? also Have abs?

* Isn’t Margaret’s son Eric the absolute worst? I do hope it’s him in that big burning house.

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