All four head coaches took the podium on Friday afternoon in San Antonio, and for the weekend's games, they all seemed to be pretty spiced up.

SAN ANTONIO – Sporting a clean look at The Final Four has now become easier as the NCAA equips each of the four teams with its own barber.

The Loyola-Chicago Ramblers have fully exploited their advantages: 10 players, a co-trainer and a team manager have received free haircuts since their arrival According to the Loyola Final Four Barber, Zechariah Jacobs

"I try to make sure they picture ready, "said Jacobs USA Today Sports. "Give them an A1 cut, full service, for free."

Cameron Satterwhite, a sophomore guard for Loyola, said he was one of the first to sit in the barber chair in a game room for the players in the hotel's team

"I was pleased with the cut" , he said. "But I will not throw my barber under the bus. I like my barber.

Jake Baughman, a sophomore guard, looked good in the Alamodome on Saturday night thanks to NCAA's service in 2015 for Loyola's game against Michigan.

"I just trimmed it," Baughman said. I left it long up, shave the sides, a little bit of shadow action. I always try to stay stylish, staying true to the style of hairstyle in today's world. "

Jordan Poole from Michigan said he did not want to be hurt by a new hairdresser's hairy hair after his teammate Rico Ozuna-Harrison was sitting on the barber chair.

Said a grinning Poole," Yes, he needed now for a few months a haircut. "

The Kansas Jayhawks, the Villanova Wildcats and their respective haircuts will take place in the late game on Saturday.


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