The Action Network's Evan Abrams has tips for finding a way to march in insanity. Here's how to play smart at the NCAA tournament.

Editor's note: Bracketology has been updated with the most recent projections of the NCAA tournament by matches on March 16.

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In one of the tightest fights for No. 1 in years, Tennessee secured the last top seeds over Gonzaga following a semifinal victory in the SEC tournament against Kentucky.

The & # 39; zags lost in the final of the West Coast Conference against Saint Marys last week. Despite only three losses and the second best result in the NET, the new NCAA rankings instead of the RPI and the absence of the Quadrant 1 (Top 30 home series, top 75 road), they ultimately won a top seed. Tennessee had nine in comparison to Gonzaga's four Q1 victories compared to a much better schedule.

And for the first year since 2009 three seeds No. 1 are called by a conference – the ACC. Duke (29-5) will be the top overall, followed by Virginia (29-3) and North Carolina (27-6).

A LOOK AT THE BUBBLE TEAMS: These 10 are sweating out today

Duke teammate R.J. Barrett and Zion Williamson react after defeating Florida in the ACC final. (Photo: Streeter Lecka, Getty Images)

A wild week of conference tournament action injured the teams in the bubble. Bidders Oregon and Saint Louis spoiled the fate of several teams by winning the Pac-12 and Atlantic 10 tournaments. Both teams would not have managed the field if they had not won the automatic bids of their league and had created two places less for franchise teams.

Expect the Bubble Line to have a close call for Belmont, a moderate Major, a team with a strong Ohio Valley Conference profile, but only two first-quarter wins, with a top 75 strength outside the conference start . Also expect the state of Arizona to sweat out. The Sun Devils lost to Oregon in the Pac-12 semi-final and could be undermined by a terrible year for this conference as well as two losses in Quadrant 4. The separation between "last four in" and "first four in" is as close as never before.

# 1 Seeds: Duke, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee

Last four in: Temple, Belmont, Ohio (state), St. John's 19659007] ► First four from: Arizona State, UNC-Greensboro, Alabama, State of North Carolina


Others viewing a large offer (in no particular order) to be considered : Indiana, Creighton, Xavier, Georgetown Clemson, Lipscomb, Texas, Furman.

Conferences with Multiple Commandments: Big Ten (8), ACC (7), Big 12 (7), SEC (7), Big East (4), American (4), Mountain West ( 2), Atlantic 10 (2), Ohio Valley (2), Pac-12 (2) West Coast (2).

Leader or highest RPI of projected bid conferencing – (21 total) : Vermont (America East), Liberty (Atlantic Sun), Montana (Great Sky), Gardner-Webb (Great South) UC Irvine ( Great West), Northeast (CAA), Dominion (Conference USA), Northern Kentucky (Horizon), Yale (Ivy), Iona (MAAC), Buffalo (MAC), NC Central (MEAC), Bradley (MVC), Fairleigh Dickinson (Northeast), Colgate (Patriot), Wofford (South), Abilene Christian (South), Prairie View A & M (SWAC), Wofford (South), North Dakota State (Summit) Georgia State (Sun Belt), New Mexico State (WAC).

  • Ineligible transition schools: Cal Baptist, North Alabama.


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Note : Mostly all statistical data from is used. The new NET rankings of the NCAA are also taken into account. that was rolled out in early 2018-19.

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