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Final Result Packers Vs. Lions: Green Bay beats Detroit in the final seconds on the field

The Detroit Lions scored the first 13 points of the game, but it was not enough to defeat Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

The home team may have benefited from some Cheap Calls, but Mason Crosby's 23-yard field goal had the last word when the Packers defeated the Lions on Monday Night Football by 23-22.

It was a story of two quarters in the opening half. The Lions scored 10 points on their first two rides, both of which were triggered by huge passing games. In the meantime, the Packers went three on their first drive and then turned the ball over with an Aaron Jones fumble on their second drive. The Lions quickly built up a 13-0 lead.

The Packers focused again on a sixty-yard ride with 14 games, which ended with a 5-yard catch and Jamaal Williams aimed for a touchdown. Crosby converted a 37-yard field goal that reduced the lead to just three points in the break.

The Packers scored a field goal in their first attempt in the second half, scoring 13 goals. The Lions, however, returned with two of their own field goals to secure themselves a six-point lead over the fourth quarter.

It seemed like the packers were driving at the beginning of last quarter and ready to take their first lead of the game, but Darrius Shepherd did not manage to make a simple catch near the goal line, and Justin Coleman took and brought it all the way back to the enemy area. There, Matt Prater joined his fifth field goal of the game.

Once again, the Packers were able to regroup after the potentially game-changing sales, and Rodgers gave Allen Lazard a very nice pass for a 35-yard touchdown. The lead was reduced to just two points, leaving nine minutes left.

The decision to play this game was questionable – especially if you're a Lions fan. At the Packers' fourth-quarter landing, Trey Flowers was called in the third place by unlawful hands at the defensive end. It seemed he had his hands on the shoulder pads of the offensive lineman, but it gave Green Bay a first defeat and a few games later a landing. Flowers had never had his hands dirty in his career, but was called out a second time during Packers' game-winning journey for the same penalty on the 3rd and 10th. This defeated the Packers and they kicked the winning field goal only four games later.

The Packers are now 5: 1 and stay in first place on the NFC North. The lions drop to 2-2-1, putting them in last place in the division.

Relive the action in the stream below! If the live blog is not showing, click here to reload it.

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