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Finally, an open source calculator

Microsoft has released the code for the calculator app. This step is Microsoft's recent bid to use the open source community. So far, efforts have been to outsource an extremely old version of DOS and play Linux in Windows in a way that is slightly more user-friendly than turning a VM or switching to your Linux partition. Oh yes, Microsoft bought Github. I can not forget that.

Publishing the code for the calculator app means that you too can really verify that your calculations are correct. To create the calculator app, you need a Windows 10 computer and Visual Studio. You may think that this is the same code that has been delivered for 30 years ̵

1; it's a simple calculator, right? Not so: The calculator for Windows 8 had a strange and strange error in which the square root of 4 minus two did not equal zero. Floating point is hard, children.

It is now possible for the community of special interest to disable telemetry sent from the Calculator app to Microsoft servers. Yes, the calculator app knows you forgot how to split, and Wow, six times nine, did you need help with that? Fortunately, developers can disable telemetry in developer builds by disabling the build flag SEND_TELEMETRY . Now, Microsoft does not know that you can not handle math so well.

At the time of writing this report, we were unable to contact Microsoft to find out when Pinball or Ski Free will be updated and Open Sourced.

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