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Finally, players can add as many puddles to the Spider-Man as they want

A week before Spider-Man was released, some people on the Internet began flipping over the apparent lack of puddles in the game. There were a lot of puddles in an early trailer for the game, and later, not so many puddles in what seemed to be the same position some saw as downgrading. Luckily, they do not have to be angry anymore. One of the game's newest photo-mode features now allows you to add as many puddles as you like.

Today's Spider-Man update appeared most notable at first, as it contained the new Game Mode and the Ultimate difficulty level. On closer inspection, however, it turned out that the real news was in the photo mode of the game. This mode has been updated in several ways, including the addition of a number of new stickers, such as puddle stickers.

Gil Doron, the leading user of UI, noted the changes in a tweet in writing, "I repaired that for you."

The puddles come in two different shapes, but since you can make them bigger or smaller and now also turn stickers, the combinations are really endless.

At the time of the original Kerfuffle, Insomniac Games replied that it had only changed the size of the number of puddles in the game. Others, who thought the whole thing was just silly, made puddles their own meme Spider-Man . Now Insomniac has come back for the last laugh.

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