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Find Out Which Facebook Information Has Been Published – Story

– Facebook is now under federal investigation. The FTC has confirmed that it is investigating possible violations of users' privacy. Some people sell the social media giant. In response, Facebook says it will make it easier to back up your information.

It currently takes about 20 steps to really lock your Facebook information. The company has just announced that it will provide an easy-to-use privacy landing page. But it is not available. still. But there are things you can do in the meantime.

But let's first remember why we are talking about it. A data company called Cambridge Analytica has accessed information from about 50 million Facebook users without its knowledge. What did you get? Well, you can download your archive and see what it is. I did it. And who has this information knows my contact list, phone number, address, groups to which I belong, invitations that I have received. And they have my pictures, my messages, you name them.

Let me first show you how to download your archive. It is super easy. Go to "Settings" in the upper right corner of your FB page. Then "general" and then "download a copy". Then wait. I did it and immediately saved it on my computer. See what you've seen in this downloaded list – photos, news, contacts, advertisers who have access.

Now you can delete your FB account. Or you can keep it and manage the outsiders who have your information.

First, remove any third-party apps that you should have for your private information. Go back to "General", in the settings click on Apps. You'll see a page of all connected third-party apps. I never intentionally connected to these apps, but now and then I'm looking for someone to get. I personally delete him. You can still enjoy them by connecting the group to an email instead. Pinterest would be a good example.

Second, to get advertising that you do not understand or do not want? Go to one of the ads and click on the "x" or the down arrow in the right corner. Right there on "Why do I see that?" You should click. Once inside, you can disconnect.

Three, and for God's sake stop taking these Facebook quizzes. "Find out what color your personality is" stuff is a no no. Your personality is not a color. The developer uses this tool to share personal information about you.

Do you think it's no big deal? Well, check it out. These seemingly fun quizzes are fine tuned. With 68 Facebook likes, university researchers, you could determine your skin color, your sexual orientation and your political identity. And when they drilled on 300 Facebook likes, strangers on the other end knew more about you than your spouse.

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