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Finding a quarterback is the priority of Giants for Eli Manning

It was not a promise, but it's a hope. Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman wants to add the quarterback to the future and let him learn behind Eli Manning.

This means that a prospect is added to the main position on the pitch via the NFL draft or the NFL draft Another means?

"If all goes well, probably," Gettleman said Monday about WFAN.

The man who led the Giants football show last month expressed his great desire to find the next franchise quarterback. The urgency has never been so great that at the age of 38 Eli Manning entered the last year of his contract. Gettleman said, "I would be a real clown," if he did not realize that new blood was needed, but he could not get one this year.

"Would I like to do something now?" Probably, said Gettleman. "But I have to believe it's the right guy to be the quarterback for this iconic franchise."

There are two options that Gettleman considers. He can take one in this year's draft ̵

1; Gettleman said this would be the "most likely" scenario – with Dwayne Haskins of Ohio and Drew Lock of Missouri the two most likely options at this point, as the Giants have two favorites (# 6 and 17 ) in the first round. Or the Giants might try to rip Josh Rosen out of Arizona if the cardinals are really serious about drafting Kyler Murray # 1 in the draft.

"Obviously, the ideal situation is to bring a young child and let him learn from the old professional," said Gettleman, repeating the "Kansas City model" he wants to duplicate, with the chiefs signing Pat Mahomes Leave the year behind Alex Smith. "The worst thing you can do is force something, do I feel compelled to do something now? No." '19659008]
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