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Firefox Lockbox now also available for Android

Mozilla announced today that Firefox Lockbox is now available for Android. The app was previously only available on iOS.

Firefox Lockbox is Mozilla's free password manager, which allows you to view, copy and paste any password stored in the Firefox web browser. You can also set Firefox Lockbox as the default Autofill service for Android in Device Preferences and choose which browser you want to use to open your website's URLs.

Each password is locked with a 256-bit encryption fingerprint or PIN if you want that extra layer of security. There is also an automatic timer that locks the app after a certain amount of time.

Overall, Firefox Lockbox is a very simple password manager. You can not create new passwords in the app, check if passwords are part of security breaches, or save passwords other than passwords. This is not a traditional password manager, so those using 1Password or LastPass should probably continue to use it.

That is, Firefox Lockbox syncs to your devices and gives Mozilla a leg up via Google Chrome's dedicated password manager for passwords stored in Chrome.

You can download Firefox Lockbox at the following link. The app is available for free and offers no in-app purchases.

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