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First look: 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan

B ROOKLYN, New York – It's usually the other way round. In the US, we usually get a sedan version of compact cars from Europe, while the Europeans get the tailgates. But this time something interesting happened. The swoopy entry-level sedan (or four-door coupe) of the CLA-Class-Benz, which is based on the unnamed A-Class, is a hit in the US. This is how the Brain Trust decided in Stuttgart With the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class Saloon 2019, the model's first sedan since its market launch in 1997, it's a big deal. And now we get an A-Class sedan that is not a CLA-class is an updated CLA. To get all this? You can get it at the end of the year. Call it what you want, one thing you can not call the 201

9 A-Class sedan is without technology. The entry-level compact car from Benz has more assists than Magic Johnson, and some great MBUX shooters to go with it. The highlight of the new A-Class sedan is probably the addition of the Mercedes-Benz User Interface System (MBUX) of the car manufacturer, which was first presented at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 and is presented as standard in the A-Class

MBUX, the ultimately replacing the carmaker's worn-out COMAND system is heralded as a technological breakthrough in infotainment. A notable departure from COMAND is that it is a touch-screen capable setup. On the hardware side, Mercedes has partnered with Nvidia to leverage the chipmaker's GPU technology to improve the usability and speed of MBUX. It also uses artificial intelligence algorithms to understand the functions you use the most and make them more accessible, and enhanced speech control features that you can use by first saying "Hey Mercedes" (the Hey version of the Beastie Boys did not make the cut). MBUX can also be updated by either local (ie at the dealer) or wireless updates in the future, which should extend its lifespan. It can even detect your preferences when driving another MBUX-enabled vehicle. Very cool stuff.

There are two screen configurations in which the magic of MBUX happens, either two 7-inch screens, one in front of the driver as a digital dashboard and one main information screen, or the available large Kahuna 10.25-inch screens that dominate the entire stroke and look murderous (impress your friends!). Steering wheel and center console controls also help manage the mass of features.

What's under the hood is not nearly as revolutionary as the Mercedes A-Class 2019, which in the US is called A 220 and A 220 4MATIC is designated to be essentially the same design as the existing CLA used. While the 2.0-liter turbocharged in-line four-speed and seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission is taken over by the CLA, the performance has actually failed. Not something we normally see. The performance is 188 hp vs. 208 in the CLA and torque is listed at 221 lb-ft vs. 258 in the CLA. Mercedes still has no details about what was done when the engine was made. Our best guess at this point is that it was massaged to be more efficient. Never fear of horsepower, you can bet your bottom-Benz that we'll soon see AMG versions of the A-Class. An AMG style package will be available for the base A class.

The A-Class's suspension structure is also similar in scope to the CLA, with a McPherson-style front and multi-link rear, with the exception of entry-level front-wheel drive models on 17-inch wheels featuring a more basic (and lighter) ) Rear torsion bars are equipped. In addition to the 17-inch wheels, 18-inch and 19-inch bike packages are available. Dimensionally, width (0.7 inches wider) and height (0.3 inches larger) are similar to the CLA. Wheelbases differ slightly more, with the 2019 A-Class being the CLA by a little more than an inch (107.4 vs. 106.3), which should mean a small larger cabin. The biggest size difference is the overall length, as the A-Class is significantly shorter than the CLA (179.1 vs. 182.3-inch) thanks to its reduced front and rear overhangs.

In these shorter overhangs, the primary external changes take place via the CLA. The front end of the A-Class uses stronger, more angular headlamp arrays and a much deeper and wider lower fascia reinforced by similarly aggressive scooped-in side air intakes. The A-pillar was slightly adjusted, the rear-view mirrors were shifted to the waistline and the profile lines look more rounded. At the back there is a two-piece taillight design, a deeper lip spoiler and horizontal reflectors flanking the rear. It's a smart update for our eyes that does not detract from the coupe-like greenhouse or general style theme that helped make the CLA a hit here in the US

Inside, there are the big changes between the A Class and the CLA, starting with the digital screens that dominate the process, allowing designers to create cleaner dashlines without having to incorporate a traditional dashboard cover. The COMAND key mashup accommodates a clean, wide range of key climate and other control keys. The new steering wheel has dramatically improved the controls. The circular vents have been redesigned and lit, as are other lines in the car (in a series of 64 colors no less!), And the center console now has a touch pad topped with a palm rest pad for easier use. Materials are to be improved and the entire cabin design ergonomically designed

Then there are the assists. You can starve yourself to death in the A-Class and drive semi-autonomous (keep your hands on the wheel and eyes ahead, people), as well as those rich people driving S-Classes, if you choose driver assistance Package. It combines Benz's Active Distance Assist cruise control, which can help you plan your route and anticipate the speed of the vehicle as the road turns winding or winding, along with the active emergency stop assist and active lane change wizard. The Active Brake Assist is standard that can intervene to prevent you from leaving someone behind or hitting crossing pedestrians and cyclists, and we'll give you an idea of ​​what Active Lane Keeping Assist can do.

So far there is not a word on pricing, but with the 2019 A-Class, it's obvious Mercedes is looking to make sure that when people think about getting started and Benz, they do not think cheap. (Oh, and it's done in Mexico and Germany, so keep your fingers crossed for no tariffs!) Our best estimate is around $ 36K to start pricing, to rise significantly from there if you do all the good stuff want. And we bet you MBUX, if you want, you will.

2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan Specifications

ON SALE End of 2018
PRICE $ 36,000 (base, est)
ENGINE 2.0L turbocharger DOHC 16- Valve I -4/188 PS @ 5,500 rpm (est), 221 lb-ft @ 1,250-4,000 rpm
TRANSMISSION 7-speed dual-clutch transmission
LAYOUT [19659013] 4- door, 5-passenger, front engine, FWD / AWD sedan
EPA-Mileage 25 / 33-38 mpg (city / hwy) (Est)
L x W x H [19659013] 179.1 x 78.4 x 56.9 in
WHEELBASE 107.4 in
WEIGHT 3,200 / 3,300 lb (FWD / AWD) (estimated) 0-60 MPH 6.8 / 6.6 second (FWD / AWD) (est)
TOP TOP 130 mph

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