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First space hotel to open in 2025 with cruise ship-style amenities

It's been 50 years since man came to the moon for the first time, and we still dream of escaping life on Earth to explore the secrets of space.

If a career as an astronaut is not for you, perhaps the promise of staying in a space hotel is also attractive.

California-based The Gateway Foundation has released plans for Von Braun Station, a cruise ship-style hotel floating among the stars. [1

9659003] The goal is to put the hotel into operation by 2025 and make it operational by 2027.

Von Braun station is just one of these options for space-based tourism in development. Virgin Galactic, Elon Musk's SpaceX company, and Jeff Bezos, Amazon's Blue Origin airline, also plan to move people into space. Not to mention the International Space Station, which recently announced the possibility of commercial cooperation.

The Von Braun station is also not the only room hotel in the pipeline. In early 2019, US-based space tech startup Orion Span released plans for a luxury space hotel called Aurora Station, due to open in 2022.

Under the Stars

According to digitally rendered videos and images of The Gateway Foundation, the station resembles a spinning wheel that consists of 24 modules and circles the earth.

But how would the physics of the hotel work?

Tim Alatorre, chief design architect at the Gateway Foundation, says the spinning wheel would create a simulated gravity.

"The station turns and pushes the contents of the station to the edge of the station just as you can throw a bucket of water – the water pushes into the bucket and stays in place," he tells CNN Travel.

There is no artificial gravity near the middle of the station, says Alatorre, but when you move outside the station, the feeling of gravity increases.

The Gateway Foundation Hotel Design is named after Wernher von Braun, an aerospace engineer who pioneered rocket technology in Germany and later in the United States.

This could be considered a controversial move. When von Braun lived in Germany, he was involved in the development of the Nazi rockets. Later he worked on the space program Apollo in the USA.

The name was chosen by the members of the Gateway Foundation, as the station is based on designs by Braun, designed around 60 years ago.

"Station's basic physics has not changed since the 1950s – the way the station rotates," says Alatorre.

The main difference is the modern materials – new metal alloys, carbon composites, 3D printing and starter ramp technology, as Alatorre says. Make a space hotel more likely in our times.

Space tourism is an expensive game – Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic plans to transport passengers to suborbital space for $ 250,000 per person per trip.

According to Aurora Station, staying at his space hotel will cost $ 9.5 million. In terms of price, the Von Braun hotel will also serve those in the early stages who need to spend money, but the foundation hopes to accomplish that it "equates to make a cruise or take a trip to Disneyland." [19659003] The Aurora Station is designed to hold only 12 people, while the Von Braun Station can accommodate 352 people with a maximum capacity of 450 people.

Warm aesthetics

So, what will Von? Brown station like being inside?

Alatorre says the hotel's aesthetics are a direct response to the Stanley Kubrick movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" – but maybe not as you think.

"It was almost a blueprint, which is not to do," says Alatorre. "I think Stanley Kubrick's goal was to clarify the divide between technology and humanity, so he purposely made the stations and ships very sterile and clean and extraterrestrial."

Instead, Alatorre wanted to bring along a piece of earth to avoid a laboring, overly Star Trek-like feeling.

On board, there are warm suites with rugs and stylish monochrome elements, as well as chic bars that simply do not look out of place on earth looking at the stars.

There will also be many fun recreational activities for guests, says Alatorre.

"We will be offering a variety of recreational activities and games that emphasize the fact that you can do things that you can not do on Earth," he says. "Because of weightlessness and reduced gravity, you can jump higher, lift things, walk in ways you can not on Earth."

A sport that is fascinatingly called "supersize" "Basketball" is one such concept, according to Alatorre.

"Spaceship Culture"

When all sounds like a space-age bauble, Alatorre stresses that the concept will have a widespread and lasting appeal.

"I'll want to experience it just because it's a cool new thing and they've never done it before," he admits.

"But our goal – the overall goal of the Gateway Foundation – is to create a spaceship culture in which humans go to space and live in space and work in space and they want to be in outer space." And we believe that there is a demand for it. "

This means that space is a place where thousands of people live, work and thrive, or for research purposes, as well as for the mining of asteroids.

Alatorre says Von Braun Hotel wants to be "first in orbit", but even if the Gateway Foundation does not launch it by 2025, the company knows one of its competitors.

Space tourism is the future, he says, and the Gateway Foundation believes the future is imminent.

Sustainability in space

There's still that in design because of design – just a design – some questions It remains unanswered how the space hotel will function in reality.

For example, it is believed that life in low gravity over a longer period of time harms the human body. While vacationers are likely to visit the hotel for only a few weeks, employees plan to stay there for six months to a year.

They adjust schedules as needed, Alatorre says, but for now, the Foundation believes that this is the case, "completely safe."

There is also the question of sustainability: When people look for greener holidays, is not it the solution to fly into space?

Alatorre points to SpaceX's Raptor engine, which uses methane fuel instead of petroleum, suggesting that "green" rocket designs are the future.

He says that recycling is woven into the fabric of the space hotel.

"At the station itself, it will be the most environmentally friendly vacation you'll ever have, because we recycle everything," says Alatorre.

"No amount of water, garbage or rubbish is thrown away, everything is recycled, reused, stored, converted into another form."

Terrestrial con Construction of the Gateway Foundation project is scheduled to commence on October 1, 2019.

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