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First, take a look at the new Tesla navigation engine

As Elon Musk promised earlier this week, Tesla will finally release his long-promised new navigation engine, which Musk calls "light-years ahead" of the current system.

Now let's take a first look at the new system

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It's a complete overhaul of the system that Tesla has been working on for some time. Since last summer we report unpublished iterations.

In July, we reported that Tesla was working on revising its maps and navigation system with its own maps using new open source modules from MapBox and Valhalla] Now the first available & # 39; beta & # 39; Version of the & # 39; Tesla Maps & # 39; Systems are pushed into Software Update 2018.12 and Tesla promises faster routing and more accurate arrival times in the Release Notes:

Whether you're commuting on your daily commute or driving to a new destination, you can rely on navigation to give you the fastest route possible to get more accurate arrival times. It guides you around traffic jams and guides you through complex maneuvers when needed.

If the traffic situation changes and there is an alternative route that saves time, navigation will automatically redirect you. Like the previous system, you can control how aggressively navigation does it: just specify how much time an alternative route should save by setting it to CONTROLS> Settings> Apps> Maps> Navigation> RE-ROUTE IF IT'S MORE SAVES [19659002] Navigation prevents you from missing the bends by getting a better overview of upcoming maneuvers. A faster response prepares you for complicated intersections or multi-lane connections. Each turnoff and highway you should take is clearly marked in blue, while crossways or motorway exits that you pass are marked in black so you can better track your progress along the way. In addition, the notes and labels correspond to the actual road and highway signs wherever possible.

As you approach a maneuver, the instrument panel view is enlarged to provide more clarity and, if necessary, highlight the track (or tracks) you should use. This makes it easier to see how close you are to the curve, which crossroads you pass and in which direction you drive.

Here's the dashboard view when you're "closer to a maneuver" that Tesla speaks of:

The owner of the Model S, known as "BigD0g," left in his Tesla racing new engine and published short videos of the instrument cluster showing the biggest visual changes to the new navigation unit: [194559002]

Electreks Take

We have already seen some of these UI changes as a friend of the site and Tesla Hacker, very green he was able to activate it in his car and gave it our first look at Tesla's new map system.

But now that more people are getting the update and testing we should start to get a better idea of ​​the performance in terms of routing efficiency, which was a big one (19659002) The good news is that, even if it does It does not bring much improvement at first, it should get better quickly.

Musk said that with the old system, they were "bogged down with third-party legacy blackbox code and outdated data". With the new system based on open source modules, they can improve over time.

If you receive the update that will be sent in series this weekend and it may take a while before everyone can make it to us, let us know what you think.

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