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Firsthand on extensive flood damage, rescue operations on Kauai

<img id = "anvatoPlayPreview_1973486_129811-image-placeholder" class = "placeholder invisible" src = "http://www.khon2.com/nxs-main-v2-theme/images/placeholder/placeholder-16×9.jpg "old =" KAUAI (KHON2) – Residents of Kauai and rescue workers were busy on Monday with the consequences of the devastating rain and floods on the weekend

"We want to tell our people, we work very hard to get out as soon as possible , We could not get boots on the ground and do a thorough investigation, but today is the day, "said Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr.

" The reason for that is not that we did not want to. It's because of the devastating landslides that have happened along the entire lane, "he continued." There are more than eight landslides so we could not penetrate, but for today, our big, big effort is to make a thorough assessment, to get in there, to the evacuation plan, to our Kupuna, our Keiki, our people with medical disabilities, and get water and food. These are the things we are working on right now.

The Hawaii National Guard deployed two UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters, two 47 Chinooks, eight Zodiacs, and more than 45 soldiers and airmen to support the rescue efforts and provide medical aid and supplies to the area.

State Parks closed, campers stranded

There are about 30 campers Stranded in the Kalalau part of the Napali Coast State Wilderness Park, the State Department of Land and Natural Resources said there are aspirations, folks Contact camping permits to check their status or determine if they have safely left the park.

The DLNR Department of National Parks closed the following gardens on Monday: Napali Coast State Wilderness Park, Haena State Park, Polihale State Park and parts of the Wailua River State Park. Napali Coast and Haena State Parks are likely to be closed indefinitely as the road that leads into both parks has been severely damaged.

Officials coordinate Kauai County and Hawaii Emergency Management Agency personnel to prioritize exploratory missions. All available helicopters on Kauai are managed due to immediate safety concerns.

Structural damage has left houses in Hanalei on the verge of collapse.

Large Scale Damage in Hanalei

Our crew took a family trip to Hanalei to help the area's residents. KHON2 saw houses near the Hanalei Pier, which were badly damaged.

A homeowner said he was dismayed at the extent of the damage to his home and needed some time to figure out what to do next.

Massive grass chunks had also broken in, and trees were uprooted. Some roads in the area were also completely destroyed.

"It was the worst thing we've ever experienced," said Hanalei resident Patsy Sheehan. "Some of the houses, you could hear them cracking yesterday, finally, the sand gave way and the house, the concrete just gave in. That was really torturous to hear, the houses are breaking up, they are sort of like people, After a while, you learn them We know whose houses they are and it is very sad Yes, very sad. "

Kuhio Highway and Other Roadblocks

Our crew next drove the Kuhio Highway towards Wainiha, where several people were reportedly stranded.

Crews were (19659004) "This is going to be a long, long process here, talking about houses, talking about families, talking about streets, talking about a whole street washed out in Kalihiwai, and people On the other hand, so it will require diligence, effort, partnership, collaboration, coordination, cooperation to make sure we can take care of everything people first, come back with a solid assessment and rebuild as soon as possible up, "said Carvalho.

The following road closures remained on Monday:

  • Kuhio Highway, near the Hanalei Bridge, until the bridge can be inspected and considered safe
  • Weke Road near Black Pot Beach due to a sinkhole;
  • Heavy erosion closed the Mauka section of Kahiliholo Road at Kalihiwai Ridge;
  • Kuhio Highway between Waikoko and Wainiha due to several landslides;
  • Hanalei Plantation Road at Princeville due to a dolmen.

The southern lane of the Kuhio Highway was reopened on Wailua Bridge.

Community Comes Together

In the midst of devastation, one thing is clear: at this time of crisis, the community is converging.

Princeville resident Kaua Hermosura boards Kamehameha schools, but flood prevents him from flying Oahu

Instead, he spent the day helping his father by delivering supplies to the needy.

"It was pretty crazy to fetch people from Hanalei and deliveries because there is no water or electricity, the telephone lines are down and people really need water," Hermosura said. "We had to walk through mud and water and run around bison trying to dodge them and still try to keep people from going to the water like yesterday because it just started and people were getting closer and closer."

"We have a few people who came in because they were just carrying a backpack, their car was completely flooded, their belongings were in the house, and the house broke in half, so they could not get it all out Everyone helped out as well as possible, "Sheehan said.

Pua and Clemente Kaneholani loaded their trucks in bottled water on Monday morning and distributed them to the needy.

"My husband's cousin, Jason Momoa, everyone knows him as Aquaman, but he donated three pallets of water, so we donate water to every family that needs something," said Pua Kaneholani. "We're going to walk around Hanalei now to see if a family can bring it to Haena or whatever it takes to get it."

Reaction of the American Red Cross

On Sunday, the US Coast Guard and the Kauai Fire Department planned to evacuate 61 evacuees in a Red Cross shelter in the Church of the Pacific in Princeville, but helicopters were knocked down due to thunderstorms , By noon on Monday, the flood was enough for the county to turn it into a Red Cross at the Kilauea Gym. Due to a water failure, they could not go to the Church of the Pacific.

About 10 residents of Wainiha were flown to Princeville Airport, where a county bus took them to Kilauea Gym.

"It's really sad to see everyone and everything that needs help, but we can not really make it at this moment, but we try our best and everything," Hermosura said. "It's my community where I grew up, what I knew all my life, and it raised me and helped me get where I am, and all the people in the valleys and everywhere is my family, and mine Father just tries to help everyone and to do as much as possible. "

The American Red Cross sent four volunteers from Oahu to Kauai to provide protection and support for mental health, health and government relations.

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