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Fisherman rescued by cruise ship in "Christmas miracle"

  Lifeboat for cruise ships saves fisherman

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The men were rescued on Friday after 20 days at sea

Two fishermen were rescued by a cruise ship after being stranded at sea for 20 days.

The Empress of the Caribbean Seas found her after a "miracle" success on the way to Jamaica.

The fishermen were off course due to strong winds, while a storm had also distracted the cruise ship from its planned route, said Royal Caribbean Chief meteorologist James Van Fleet.

Both fishermen later disembarked in Jamaica for medical assistance.

In a statement On Twitter, Van Fleet said fishermen had left Puerto Limón in Costa Rica on 1

December and had fallen asleep while falling asleep – a lengthy process to soften and lighten nets.

"Winds got stronger and as they woke up In the meantime, they were blown up far away where their equipment had been," said Van Fleet.

The fishermen had used up the fuel after trying to find their nets and ran.

At sea, they crashed and only had enough to eat and water for seven days.

Mr Van Fleet said that the cruise ship at this time in Cienfuegos, Cuba, should be many miles away.

After a "massive storm," it had to change course to Ocho Rios in Jamaica. "

" You can not help believing that there is a bigger plan in all of this, "said Van Fleet. [19659017] After the personnel in the rescue operation on Friday had boarded the fishing boat, one of the fishermen could no longer Walk and our crew carried him to the tender and carried him on board, "said Van Fleet.

The two were later fed, clothed and seen by the Medical Team of the Empress of the Seas. [300] £ 236 "was also levied by the crew to help them buy groceries and clothing after the fishermen disembarked in Jamaica.

" I've already seen a Christmas miracle – 20 days at sea They all found out about the opportunities of saying they live, "said Van Fleet.

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