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Fitbit Versa review: It's better and cheaper than Apple Watch

Fitbit Versa is the best smartwatch I've used lately.

It has all the features I wanted (a heart rate sensor! Automatic activity tracking! SMS alerts!) Without a confusing UI or overloaded app drawer.

In addition, Fitbit Versa looks good, is dead – easy to set up, lightweight and – best of all – reasonably priced.

And it's not just the clock that makes Fitbit's new wearable so enjoyable to use. Fitbit has an excellent smartphone app that will quickly become addictive. You can log your meals, your weight and your water intake, keep track of your exercise time and compare your fitness daily. The app is probably my favorite Fitbit product – and best of all, you do not need a Fitbit device to use it.

There was only one thing that disappointed me with the Fitbit Versa: Fitbit announced a new female health tracking feature when it launched its new products earlier this month, but it's not yet available on the Versa ̵

1; Fitbit says it will come in May. Women's health tracking is the most exciting and innovative feature of the new watch and I wish it had been available at launch. Otherwise, I have virtually no complaints about the Fitbit Versa. The impressive battery life, the sleek and lightweight design and the low price make it my new favorite smartwatch. (Sorry, Apple.)

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