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Five challenges await Matti's successor

Patrick Shanahan Patrick Michael ShanahanThe memo: Trump puts isolationism at the center Trump: "Everyone and his uncle" and "their aunt" want to become Mattis' job MORE The deputy minister of defense January 1 will immediately address a whole range of challenges.

The Problems That Led to Defense Ministers James Mattis James Norman MattisDeparture of & # 39; Trump's Generals & # 39; trumps resistance by 2 points After the government stalemates, Nauert asks questions about qualifications in the resignation of UN MORE – the withdrawal of troops from Syria and Afghanistan will still be open, and there are still some Asked what Shanahan will answer next.

More geopolitical hotspots and domestic just before Shanahan takes the reins threaten spending equally. And there is always the possibility that something unexpected will come out of President . President Trump Donald John TrumpTrump's approval remains stable in the survey, though the Drumdown drama Trump collides with Pence, Mulvaney, and Kushner when the shutdown jokingly congratulates Trump for a week, not like Pruitt: REPORTS MORE or an unstable world scene.

Shanahan, a former Boeing boss who has focused his 17 months as Deputy Secretary of Defense on the business side of the Pentagon, will also have to prove himself to Congress, especially Democrats, who are taking over the House.

Trump told reporters Wednesday during his visit to Iraq that Shanahan could "be there for a long time".

In the short term, however, there are five immediate challenges that the next Secretary of Defense must face.


As acting secretary, Shanahan asks the first question as to how he will execute President Trump's order to withdraw all 2,000 US troops from Syria. After this decision, the White House had no answer to a timetable for the withdrawal and whether the military would continue the air strikes in Syria would. Officials told reporters that the Pentagon is working on these plans.

These decisions are made while the US troops and the local forces they work with fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the Middle Euphrates River Valley. It was not until Tuesday that the US military announced airstrikes and coordinated attacks on the terrorist group, which the statement described as "a very real threat to long-term stability in the region."

Trump declaring victory first The terrorist group has since said that others, including Turkey, Russia, Iran and Syria, could deal with the remaining pockets of ISIS. However, US legislators and military officials are doubtful that, in doubt, these countries have motives outside US interests.

Lawmakers also want to know how Kurdish forces supported by the US military are protected once American troops go. Turkey, which the Kurds consider terrorist, has threatened a new attack against these forces.

The legislator also asked what will happen to the hundreds of foreign ISIS fighters who are detained by the Kurds. Mattis has tried to convince their home countries to bring them to court with little success.


Similar to Syria, the Pentagon and its chief are tasked with finding out how to conduct a military military raid.

The White House and the Pentagon have not confirmed that a pulldown has taken place, but several reports on the same day that Matti's resignation was announced indicate that Trump plans to halve the number of troops sent to Afghanistan.

Even before these reports were discussed, lawmakers and regional analysts voiced their concern over Syria's decision to ban Trump from Afghanistan. Trump wanted to get out last year but was convinced by Mattis and others.

The United States currently has approximately 14,000 troops deployed in Afghanistan with a dual mission to train, advise and assist Afghan forces in the fight against the Taliban by conducting anti-terrorist missions against groups such as ISIS.

The goal against the Taliban is to force them to the negotiating table. In a recent Pentagon report to Congress, released the same day as Mattis' resignation, it was suggested that "the key to success remains military pressure against the Taliban."

In addition to deciding on the withdrawal of troops with minimal risk, Shanahan is likely to hear this from US allies seeking advice. Mattis was instrumental in convincing members of the NATO coalition in Afghanistan to double their pledges on the basis that the United States itself made long-term efforts.

North Korea

Opponents of the withdrawal of troops from Syria and Afghanistan say that now other countries, including North Korea, will try to test Trump's resolve.

They point to North Korea's statement today following Trump's announcement in Syria that the rogue states said that the US must remove its "nuclear threat" from the Korean peninsula before Pyongyang becomes denuclearized.

While negotiations on a denuclearization treaty have come to a standstill, Trump has insisted that he seek a second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in early 2019.

"Christmas meeting with my team working in North Korea – progress is made, Trump tweeted on Monday. "I'm looking forward to my next summit with Chairman Kim!"

Any summit could leave Shanahan with new orders. After the first summit with Kim in June, Trump surprised the Pentagon by announcing a suspension in joint US-South Korean military exercises.

Shanahan will probably still have work to do in this order. The annual Foal Eagle and Key Resolve exercises usually begin in March. Mattis said earlier that these exercises would be "reorganized" but not aborted.

Frontier deployment

The deployment of US troops at the southern border is permitted until January 31st.

But once renewed, when Trump continues to be frustrated, Congress will not approve the funding because its proposed boundary wall and Shanahan may be called upon to expand it if that momentum continues.

There is no indication that Trump is changing course at the border. During the government's government deadlock on the boundary walls, Trump has complied with his demands, stating that the stalemate will take so long that he will do anything to get a wall.

"We need a wall, Trump said Wednesday, when he visited troops in Iraq. "We need security for our country. Also from this point of view. We have terrorists coming in through the southern border.

The border mission, which began at the end of October, was originally scheduled to end on 15 December. In mid-November, military officials said the operation was over. The military's tasks, which included barbed wire deployment and tents for border guards, were almost complete.

But in late November, the Department of Homeland Security asked the Pentagon to extend the mission.

The Democrats It is clear that if they have the majority of the House in January, they will inform Pentagon officials of the posting. Rep. Adam Smith David (Adam) Adam Smith House Dems Preparing for Trump Trials: Report Top House Armed Services Dem: Mattis' early exit leaves the country in a riskier position "Legislators MEP (D-Wash.), the alleged next chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said he thinks it's an "abuse of our troops" that is supposed to make people believe that Caravan is an "invasion." 19659005]

The Defense Budget

When it comes to the defense budget, Shanahan is well-informed, his main job as Deputy Secretary was to "operationalize" the national defense strategy In other words, create a budget based on the blueprint.

Trump has already considered several times how much he will defend in the 2020 budget year would like to request. The original plan saw $ 733 billion before then ordered a cut to $ 70 billion with rising deficits calling for spending cuts.

Trump decided to increase the defense budget to 750 billion US dollars after Trump became involved with defenders and Mattis.

With the budget due to be released in February, there's still time for Trump to change his mind again.

Regardless of the number the president requests in February, Shanahan's job is to sell it to Capitol Hill in budget hearings, and the budget of $ 716 billion in 2019 was already too high.

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