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Five souvenirs by John Schneider & Pete Carroll on Day 2 of the 2019 NFL Draft

The Seahawks made three more trades on Day 2 of the NFL Draft 2019, and on Friday they drew three more players, two from Utah – Safety Marquise Blair in the second round and linebacker Cody Barton in the third round – and Recipient University Mississippi DK Metcalf at the end of the second round.

"Really good night, lots of exercise," said General Manager John Schneider. "Our boys did a great job there. We moved a bit. We actually acted, which is strange to us. But yes, it was great, we are looking forward to this evening.

After a long day at the Derrick Jensen Draft Room, Seahawks General Manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll met with the media to put their selection together. There is also an update on the future of receiver Doug Baldwin, who is in this offseason of recovered several operations.

The draft resumes on Saturday morning with rounds 4-7 and starts at 9:00 am. Here are six souvenirs from Carroll and Schneider's press conference:

. At the beginning of the week, they did not expect so many picks.

The Seahawks held only four picks during the week and while Schneider always hoped the Seahawks would be able to trade and add some picks, he did not think they could leave the scheme with so many new players How Seattle acquired on Saturday afternoon. Schneider was so annoyed with four picks that someone in the second round put Duane Brown's name on his design board to take the spot he could have had a choice of.

"We literally placed his day up there". Schneider said. "We have red marks where we do not have picks so you can see which teams have no picks in those rounds, so I asked," Can someone put a Duane Brown sticker up there? [19659002] The Seahawks added a first round before drafting the trade that sent Frank Clark to Kansas City, and this additional first-rounder gave them the flexibility to really start trading on Day 1. The Seahawks retreated back with their first one back in the second round and increase the train pull And even after the first steps to Metcalf and Barton, Seattle will have five more selections tomorrow, so they'll have a total of nine designs if they use all five. 19659002] "I really feel blessed to be (acting) Our partners and our boys have done a great job in this room, leading fast, rigorous negotiations and clear, concise communication."

What the Seahawks are for so much Excitement and trade was the first-all-round election, No. 29 in total, she added in Clark Trading.

"After John started the extra, John just had the flexibility to do a few things, and it just changed the overall complexion of our design." Carroll said. "We're at it right now – tomorrow will be a big day ahead – that we're really making a statement for our club here. It is the result of experience and understanding of how it is done. This is a wonderful turn from where we went.

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