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Five takeaways from the first Senate debate in North Dakota

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The debate marks the first time the two candidates met in the race for the representation of North Dakota in the Senate. Heitkamp, ​​who won her first Senate race in 2012, is among the most vulnerable Democrats seeking re-election this year.

Trump won in North Dakota in 2016, and Republicans see the state as the main area to expand their scarce 51-49 Senate majority

The race has become increasingly tense in recent weeks as Partisan brawl over Brett Kavanaugh Brett Michael KavanaughProtters confront Cruz at the airport over Kavanaugh vote Trump renews attacks against testers nominated on VA on the eve of Montana Rally Corker: The Trump administration has "arrested" the Saudi intelligence services and confirmed MORE before the Supreme Court called off. This fight – and some others – was in full swing in Thursday's debate.

Here are five of the most important goals:

Heitkamp defends reputation as a moderate

Heitkamp Englisch: www.germnews.de/archive/eng/news/news…hs_2006.html She has earned the reputation of one of the more moderate Democrats in the Senate and aggressively defended this call on Thursday.

"I ran six years ago and said: I do not join a team," she said. "I'm not 100 percent with anyone but North Dakota, and I've been able to work on a cross-party basis and do some extraordinary things."

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"I think the future must be with people who are moderate – people who do not go, like Congressman Cramer, 100 percent of Z with a party.

But Cramer dismissed Heitkamp's allegations of partiality and said, "She was with Barack Obama Barack Hussein ObamaCampaign employee sue Illinois The governor candidate about alleged racial discrimination is a greater danger than GOP political polarization group Late play in Iowa seat once seen as lost MORE nearly 90 percent of the time. "

" The problem is, you can be in both teams and you might feel good about it, but if one team is so much better for North Dakota than the other team, then you do not give half of that to the good team Time to get up, "said Cramer.

Cramer ties in with Trump

If there was an argument Cramer raised consistently on Thursday, he would stand with Trump – and Trump will join North Dakota

"Donald Trump is more involved with North Dakota than Heidi Heitkamp with North Dakota," Cramer said. "He's on the right side of North Dakota. That's what matters.

During the one-hour debate, Cramer welcomed Trump's official business and criticized Heitkamp for joining with the President "in only 50 percent of the cases." Cramer defended Trump's trade war with China and praised him for his investigation of military money and his efforts to Lifting the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Heitkamp shot back at one point and criticized the congressman for showing Trump's work in office more than his own.

"I find it interesting that Congressman Cramer is talking about President Trump, "she said," why do not you talk about what you did? Why do not you talk about your achievements?

Reviving the Kavanaugh Battle

Only a handful of Senate races have witnessed the struggle for justice, and Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation before the Supreme Court played a more important role, and on Thursday both Heitkamp and Also, Cramer resumes this fight.

Heitkamp filed for Republican accusations earlier this month when she voted against Kavanaugh's affirmation before the Supreme Court for sexual assault on the candidate.

But in her debate both Heitkamp and Cramer condemned the bitter partisan brawl that erupted under Kavanaugh's confirmation process.

"This process created a scene in Washington, DC and across the country that was inappropriate, it was unseemly and it was not passed by the Senate or the Supreme Court," said Heitkamp.

Cramer in turn defended Kavanaugh's reputation as a lawyer and denigrated what he v According to him, mob is ruled by Democratic members.

"The trial was kidnapped by a mob," he later said, adding, "We're lucky he was confirmed."

The Most Insidious Topic: An Attack Notice

The most heated exchange of the night It was not about immigration. It was not about health care or military spending or trade. It was an attack that accused Cramer of making a five-digit salary increase in North Dakota's Public Service Commission.

Cramer raised the place twice in the one-hour debate and audaciously accused Heitkamp of authorizing the ad.

"I still want to know what you said to Sen. Heitkamp in approving the ad that I've chosen a 23,000 salary for myself – that I've given myself a raise," he said. "You know that's not true."

Heitkamp responded to Cramer's criticisms on one point, arguing that he should have retained the salary of the public service commission he was promised in our election.

"You were elected salary, you should keep this salary," she said. This provoked a fiery response from Cramer, who appeared visibly upset.

"This answer was so silly that I would almost give you my 30 seconds to say it again," he said. "Did you listen to yourself?"

Cramer was on the Civil Service Commission from 2003 to 2012, during which time his salary increased by about $ 25,000. But the fact check website PolitiFact rated Heitkamp's ad "false" and pointed out that Cramer did not authorize his own salary increase. It was rather the law approved by the Legislative Assembly.


Both Heitkamp and Cramer have attempted to arm Trump's trade war. And the tariff dispute was in full swing in Thursday's debate.

Heitkamp slammed tariffs early in the evening and said that ultimately they would serve to make North Dakota less competitive, not just nationally, but internationally.

From the beginning I could see that these tariffs would have a very dramatic and negative impact on farmers in North Dakota, "she said.

" We must realize that if we do not trade internationally in North Dakota , our ag products – we will not succeed on the farm.

But Cramer largely defended the President's duties, triggering countermeasures from China and other US trading partners, and said he was committed to standing by Trump's side.

"When our president chooses the tools, which he will use, I think we are obliged to stand with the United States of America, "he said. Trump's decision to impose strict tariffs on Chinese products valued at tens of billions of dollars prompted Beijing to These duties have had a particularly harsh impact on the soybean industry in North Dakota.

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