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Five things about Trump's confidant Tom Barrack

Tom Barrack, one of President Trump Donald John TrumpTrump nominates Jeffrey Rosen as successor to Rosenstein at DOJ McCabe: "It's Possible" Trump is a Russian Good McCabe: Trump "undermines the role of law enforcement" MORE 's closest confidants are a key actor in the president' s orbit that could be captured in a Democratic investigation this week.

The investigation, led by Democrats controlling the House Oversight and Reform Committee, is trumping Trump's desire to sell nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.

An interim report released this week by the Democrats said that Barrack's name had been proposed several times as a proposed Special Representative for the conduct of the Saudi nuclear effort.

The Probe, Committee Chairman, Rep. Elijah Cummings Elijah Eugene Cummings Overnight Defense: Trump signs Space Force Directive | Dems investigate the affairs of Trump officials with Saudi Arabia | Trump feels "no hurry" in the North Korean talks Dems opens new fronts against Trump Overnight Energy: judges take up important arguments in relation to water rules Dems examines how the administration deals with Saudi Arabia | The Greens sue EPA for toxic stripper MORE (D-Md.), Sent letters to Barrack and its investment firm Colony NorthStar on Tuesday and requested further information.

A spokesman for Barrack said the interim report has been released He "stands ready" to work with the committee, noting that he has never joined the Trump government.

Here are five things you should know about Barrack:

He and Trump go back decades

Barrack, a billionaire real estate investor, is one of Trump's oldest friends. In 1985, he sold Trump a fifth share in the New York department store chain Alexander's and three years later, he sold him the entire Plaza Hotel for about 410 million dollars.

Later, Trump lost both assets to bankruptcy, but the businesses led to a lasting friendship.

When Trump got into financial difficulties in 1994, Barrack was brought to the aid of the Chase Manhattan Bank. Barrack thwarted the world in search of financiers to keep the bankers at bay, and was reportedly receiving pledges from "several members" of the Saudi royal family. Trump ended up with investors from Hong Kong.

Barrack has also joined to help Trump's family. By 2010, Barrack had acquired $ 70 million from the debt of Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner according to the New York Times. Jared Corey KushnerDems Opens New Trump Dems Trial to Investigate Trump Administration Trusts with Saudi Arabia Hill & # 39; s Morning Report – Introduced by the American Academy of HIV Medicine – Will It Become a Last Minute Drama? Shut down? MORE on his troubled 666 Fifth Avenue skyscraper. Barrack allegedly belonged to a group of lenders who agreed to reduce Kushner's obligations following a call from Trump.

Since Trump's campaign in 2016, Barrack has been regularly featured in cable news to defend the president. Previously, he was one of the major fundraisers during the campaign. Hosting Trump's first major fund-raising campaign, he organized the Rebuilding America Now PAC, which garnered millions to support Trump's White House fundraiser.

He headed Trump's founding committee . 19659004] Even before the Democrats signaled their interest in the Saudi nuclear probe, Barrack was involved in a separate federal investigation into which Trump's founding committee was involved.

Barrack was the chairman of the committee that overseen the inauguration of Trump in January 2017 by federal prosecutors in New York. Deputy Chairman of the committee was Richard Gates, who had previously played a leading role in the campaign.

The US Attorney for the Southern District of New York is investigating how the committee raised and spent $ 100 million. At the beginning of this month, prosecutors summoned the committee for a plethora of documents.

The investigation has reportedly investigated whether large checks have been issued in return for access to the Trump administration and whether foreigners have donated illegally to the committee.

Investigations by the founding committee initially attracted the attention of state investigators because of the number of prominent foreign business leaders, including many from Russia. According to reports, Trump's former longtime lawyer and "fixer", Michael Cohen, who is now involved in a series of investigations, has also played a role in the inauguration test.

The summons issued earlier this month did not announce Barrack. After reports of the committee's investigation, which had first surfaced in December, Barrack said his lawyer turned to a special advocate . Robert Mueller Robert Swan MuellerSasse: The US should welcome the election of Mueller to lead the Russian probe MORE It was asserted that he was not the subject of a criminal investigation.

He is next to others in Trump's Orbit

Barrack is the one who linked Trump with a now well-known name: Paul Manafort Paul John ManafortTrump has the Russian probe more than 1100 times publicly criticized: NY Times Judge orders Stone to appear in court after sharing a photograph of her with crosshairs by Roger Stone, and quickly deleted the federal judge's Instagram photo in his MORE case .

Barrack, who met Manafort in Beirut for the first time in 40 years ago Years ago, Trump persuaded him to pick up the Political Activist as his campaign chairman at a pivotal moment in the 2016 campaign.

According to the Times, Manafort initially beat Barrack, who then introduced Manafort to Kushner and Trump's daughter Ivanka.

In an accompanying letter to Trump, Barrack described Manafort as "the most experienced and deadly manager" and "a murderer," according to the Times.

Following Trump's founding, Barrack was named hi red Gates, who was also a longtime Manafort employee, as a regulatory advisor.

Both Manafort and Gates have since been detained in the special investigation by the Russian Public Prosecutor's Office about the choice between Russia and the involvement of the Trump campaign in Moscow.

Gates, who was released from Barrack's firm following his indictment, pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators and cooperates with Müller. Manafort was alleged to have violated a plea bargain by having lied to a Russian colleague and is awaiting trial after being convicted of multiple financial crimes.

Mueller was reportedly interviewing Barrack last year with questions on Manafort and Gates. 19659004] Barrack has long-standing relations with the Saudis

Barrack, the son of Lebanese immigrants, made connections with the Saudis at the beginning of his career.

In 1972, while working as a lawyer, he was able to speak Arabic lead to a contract in Saudi Arabia to work on a gas deal. There he became a squash partner for someone he described as a "native Saudi" and who turned out to be the son of the king.

As his career progressed, Barrack continued to cultivate relationships throughout the region.

Colony NorthStar had invested more than $ 7 billion in investment since Trump was named president, with 24 percent from either Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates, according to a June article in The New York Times.

Recently, Barrack came under fire to protect the Saudis from criticizing the assassination of US journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

"So, whatever happened in Saudi Arabia," Barrack said at a conference in Abu Dhabi, "the atrocities in America are equal or worse than the atrocities in Saudi Arabia."

Later he apologized for the remark, calling Khashoggi's assassination "cruel" and "inexcusable."

"I apologize for not making that clear in my comments earlier this week," he says in a statement I am firmly convinced that the bad deeds of a few should not be interpreted as the failure of a whole sovereign kingdom. "

US According to reports, the secret service has ordered Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to order Khashoggi's death while the Saudis It accused the rogues of the government.

Democrats are interested in his business interests.

Barracks Saudi e ties and business interests have the focus of the House democrats at the moment.

The House Oversight Committee received a memo from then National Security Advisor Michael Flynn of IP3 International, a private company that approved the plan to sell the Trump-designed Saudis nuclear reactors.

In the memo, Barrack was named inter alia as Special Representative, overseeing the implementation of the nuclear plan called the Middle East Marshall Plan. On the night IP3 sent the memo, National Security Council (NSC) officials reportedly voiced concerns in January 2017 that the Plan Barracks had been wrongly benefited.

In mid-March 2017, the then Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland also reportedly said that Trump told Barrack that he could lead the plan, said the interim report released this week by House Democrats.

An IP3 board member sent NSC staff end-March 2017 several documents to the Middle East Marshall Plan, including one entitled "White Paper by Tom Barrack," according to a report.

The committee also highlighted a November 2017 ProPublica report in which Barrack contemplated the purchase of a piece from Westinghouse Electric, the bankrupt maker of the time. This is likely to be one of the biggest benefits to the United States Selling nuclear technology to the Saudis.

The committee also cited a recent ProPublica report that Colony NorthStar had developed a plan in February 2017 to benefit from its links with the administration and foreign dignitaries

Colony NorthStar told ProPublica that the memo in its February report, "merely an overview of a proposed potential business" that has never been traded or implemented. "

A spokesman for Barrack said the Democratic Progress Report had been released this week that Trump's long-time associate was involved in the region to" pursue more coordinated goals in the Middle East and the US. "19659004]" Mr. Barrack's commitment to investment and business development across the Middle East to better align the goals of the Middle East and the US, as well as his more than four decades respected relationships throughout the region, are well known, "he said in a statement.

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