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Five things to keep in mind when Trump heads to the G-7 summit

President Trump Donald John TrumpThe campaign report from Hill: Democratic field begins to shrink from critical expansion To ward off the recession, Trump should keep his mouth and smartphone shut. Trump: "Who is our bigger enemy," Fed chief or Chinese leader? MORE is leaving late Friday for an upcoming busy and possibly tense meeting with the leaders of the Group of Seven (G-7) in France over the weekend.

The Summit is experiencing global economic turmoil at a time when it is certain that international differences in trade, climate change, civil war in Syria and other global security challenges are evident.

Trump is also under pressure over its trade war with China and growing concerns that the US economy may be heading for a recession. Trump tightened the dispute with China on Friday, threatening retaliation for a new set of reciprocal tariffs from Beijing, while demanding that US companies leave China.

Growing tensions between pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong and the Chinese Communist Party are likely to hang over the meeting.

Here are five things to see the Trump with the leaders of France, Britain, Germany, Japan, India and Canada at the annual G7 summit.

Potential for Tensions in Trade and Commerce

Trump plans to put trade at the center of his talks with foreign leaders to address the US economic gains made under him Even with growing fears that a recession could be on the horizon.

The world economy and world trade will be the subject of an official Sunday morning meeting, which was added at the request of Trump.

A high-ranking government official told reporters on Thursday that Trump was campaigning for his "pro-job, pro-growth economic agenda" while attributing his policy to stronger economic growth and job creation in the country.

"You can counter this with what's happening in Europe, where growth is virtually flat," the government official continued.

Trump collided with other leading trade politicians at last year's summit in Canada, and the meeting in France could do the same.

Trump accused European countries of unfair trading practices and threatened new tariffs on goods from the European Union, a message he is likely to reinforce in the coming discussions.

There is also the urgent problem of the weakening global economy, with which heads of state and government could deal at the weekend.

"When you think of 2008, these meetings were very much in tune with what the global economy can do together to mitigate the risk of a recession or international crisis," said Thomas Wright, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution , referring to the global financial crisis.

Wright doubted, however, that Trump would agree to a coordinated response in support of the global economy, pointing out the controversial nature of past global summits.

Trump's trade war with China and its associated uncertainties have been partly held responsible for the slowdown in the global economy, and the issue is likely to be a topic of discussion among Heads of State and Government, especially after the events on Friday.

How G-7 responds to Trump's proposal for Russia

This week, Trump breathed new life into his idea of ​​getting Russia back into G-7 meetings, but the issue is sure to come over the weekend.

Trump argued that it would be better for Russian President Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin Putin orders reaction to US missile test at The Hill's Morning Report: How is Trump received at G-7? Joe Walsh urges Trump MORE to be a priority challenge as issues related to Russia are frequently raised.

"I think it is much more appropriate to have Russia," Trump told reporters at the Oval Office on Tuesday, without mentioning that Russia had annexed the Ukrainian Crimean peninsula – the reason why Moscow was excluded from the 2014 annual meeting.

The next day, Trump said Russia "outsmarted" President Obama with his invasion of Crimea and said that was the reason for the eviction of Moscow.

While Trump expressed his support for the readmission of Russia, he did not specify any conditions that Putin would have to meet.

Other leaders, such as the French president Emmanuel Macron. Emmanuel Jean-Michel Macron Brazil's Bolsonaro tells The world should not interfere when the Amazon rainforest is burning. The Hill's Morning Report: How is Trump received at G-7? Macron calls Amazon rainforest fires an "international crisis" to discuss at the G-7 summit MORE . He acknowledged that Russia could be resumed, but only after ending its support for pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, where the conflict continues.

A high-ranking government official stated on Thursday that Russia has not yet asked to re-join what would have to be done before a decision.

Climate at the top of the agenda

World leaders were due to discuss climate and biodiversity on Monday morning, but the issue became more urgent as Brazil's Amazon rainforest was hit by forest fires ,

Macron, the host and organizer of this year's summit, tweeted on Thursday that the fires were an "international crisis," and found that Brazil's forests produce 20 percent of the planet's oxygen.

"Members of the G7 summit, let's discuss this emergency order in two days!" Tweet Macron.

Trump is an outlier compared to other G7 leaders on the issue of climate change. He described it as a joke and questioned government reports warning of the serious effects of a warming planet.

Shortly after taking office, he promised to step down from the Paris Climate Agreement by fighting a global pact on emissions reduction and climate change signed by each of the other G-7 members.

The Miami Herald reported this week that Trump would skip the climate-focused meeting and leave the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Andrew Wheeler [19659038] Andrew WheelerDer Hill's Morning Report – Trump is campaigning for new immigration policies and is reducing tax cuts. Overnight Energy: Green groups sue Trump for changing the law on endangered species | Pensioners of the Bureau of Land Management are fighting plan to relocate the agency | Forest fires in the Amazon rainforest set record rates The Trump administrator erases the most important environmental enforcement tool MORE to be present in his place.

However, a high-ranking government official said Trump would emphasize his environmental footprint at this weekend's meetings.

"I think we have a balanced approach that works, and the president will really engage in dialogue with his colleagues about everything," the official told reporters.

First encounter with Boris Johnson

Trump will be having breakfast on Sunday morning with Boris Johnson, the first meeting of the two men -to-face since Johnson took office as Prime Minister in the United Kingdom last month.

The president loved Johnson a lot and the two leaders telephoned four times in the last month.

"He's tough and he's smart," Trump said about Johnson in July, just days before he was sworn in. " They say "Britain Trump". They call him "Britain Trump". "

Their meeting will include the discussion of bilateral trade agreements and progress on Brexit, but the former agreement must wait for the latter, as the conditions for the UK's withdrawal from the European Union largely determine future trade laws. [19659004TrumpopenlycriticizedJohnson'spredecessorsandhowtheyhandledtheBrexitnegotiations Theresa May Boris Johnson, Boris Johnson's Theresa Mary MayTrump, meets on the sidelines of the G7 summit Trump's Boris Johnson discusses Brexit, trading issues on Monday Call Pence to travel to the UK, Ireland and Iceland in September MORE did not take his advice Johnson was a staunch supporter of the movement to leave the EU and has pledged to enforce Brexit by the end of October.

With this rapidly approaching deadline, the US will become a key partner in a time after Viewing Brexit, Johnson might try to avoid the confrontation with Trump this weekend in issues such as climate change and Iran, where the two men show marked differences.

"Is he [Johnson] really the soulmate on a variety of issues, or will he actually have to change his mind … because he desperately needs the US to help him through this Brexit process," Heather said Conley. a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State during the administration of George W. Bush.

Can anyone just get along?

It may be France's turn to act as host if it is able to avert all major clashes among participants who overshadowed the proceedings initiated last year in Canada.

The Summit is expected to end without signing the Summit, a joint communiqué that marks the first time in history that the meeting was not concluded with a formal, written agreement.

"You do not want to have six plus one. They want seven. More than ever, you now need a single voice on economic challenges and global challenges.

President's sentiment tends to dictate meetings like the G-7's, and he could arrive to face other world leaders A volatile week in Washington and an escalation of his trade dispute with China.

He criticized Macron for a tax on digital services that would apply to American companies like Amazon and Google, and threatened to pay taxes on French wine in response. A senior government official said Trump will address the issue personally with Macron.

Trump will meet one-on-one with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where they will deal with trade and security issues. They will also talk about increasing tensions between India and Pakistan in the Kashmir region.

The president claimed earlier this month that Modi had asked him to settle the dispute personally, but the Indian government promptly said that this was not the case.

Trump will also meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Previously, he had rebuked Germany for a gas pipeline deal with Russia and had conflicted with Merkel on several points.

At the G7 in Canada last year, a photo of other world leaders crowding around Trump as he sat virally with his arms crossed. He reportedly gave Merkel Starburst sweets and quipped, "Do not tell me, I'll never give you anything." He announced that he would not sign the Group Communique after Justin Trudeau (19659062), Justin Pierre James Trudeau, said. The Hill's Morning Report: How is Trump received at G-7? White House allies in the presidential wild week: "It's typical for Trump" Boris Johnson, Trump, who met on the sidelines of the G-7 summit, said MORE the country would be in shape on US tariffs of benefits in kind.

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