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Five Things You Should Know for March 15: Attacks in New Zealand, North Korea, Brexit, Climate Protests

At least 49 people were killed in Christchurch after gunmen opened fire on two mosques. Dozens more have been injured, many seriously, and the death toll is expected to increase. Three men and one woman were arrested, a 28-year-old man charged with murder. Witnesses say that the man has run in and opened fire on innocent worshipers. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said it was a well-coordinated attack calling it "one of New Zealand's darkest days"

2. North Korea

North Korea could suspend nuclear talks with the US. The Deputy Foreign Minister of the North says the country has "no intention of giving in to US demands" or to continue the negotiations. She said Pyongyang was disappointed when North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's and US President Donald Trump's talks failed in Vietnam last month. She accused the US delegation that the Americans were too inflexible and demanding. The US has not yet commented on the minister's comments.

. 3 College Admissions Scandal

Investigators who have discovered what has been described as the biggest fraudulent scandal for college admissions have not even looked for it. They investigated a completely different case when they got a tip. It came from a financial officer who was investigated in a fraud case by the government. In an effort to save his own skin, the executive said a football coach had accepted bribes to help the executive's daughter reach Yale, the Wall Street Journal reported. Investigators took it from there.

. 4 Brexit

The United Kingdom is expected to leave the European Union in two weeks. However, it is now unclear whether this timeline applies. Yes, the legislator yesterday voted to postpone Brexit (and rejected a call for a second referendum), but now the ball is in the hands of EU leaders. You have to agree to give Britain more time and there is no guarantee that this will happen. The EU wants the UK to have a withdrawal agreement before agreeing to the delay. But the British Parliament has already beaten such a deal twice with large margins. The pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May is therefore again to conclude a withdrawal agreement, which the British legislator will adopt.

. 5 Climate change strikes

Tens of thousands of students around the world today are leaving class and taking to the streets to protest lax government action against climate change. Global climate change takes place in more than 1
00 countries. The strikes began in Australia and New Zealand, students marched in front of government buildings, singing and raising signs saying, "Change politics, not the climate." Today, there will be strikes in almost every US state. You can meet some of the participating teens and stay up to date.



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