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Fixed connection issues with YouTube, Snapchat, and Gmail in the eastern US


It's mainly East Coast drivers who have YouTube issues.

Downdetector / Screenshot of CNET

If you had problems with YouTube or Gmail on Sunday, these issues should now be resolved.

There were widespread issues on Google Cloud on Sunday, causing havoc on YouTube, Snapchat, Gmail, Discord, and many other popular providers of apps and services in the eastern US.


YouTube was not completely out of service for John Falcone of CNET on Sunday in Brooklyn, but some videos were temporarily unavailable. [19659003] Screenshot of CNET

Google pointed out that "in the Eastern US, high levels of network congestion affect multiple services in Google Cloud, G Suite and YouTube".

"In a statement, users may see low performance or intermittent errors" around 2pm PT. "We believe that we have identified the root cause of the congestion and will return to normal service shortly."

The Google status page for Cloud confirmed that the company was experiencing service issues at 13:00. PT. The Search Giant marked Google's Cloud Compute Engine and Cloud Networking services as malformed in its status dashboard.

At 16:00. PT, on the status page states that the problem of network congestion is "fixed for the vast majority of users and we expect a complete solution in the near future".

From 17.00. PT, the Google Cloud Status Dashboard, displays all available services.

"The network congestion problem in the Eastern US, including Google Cloud, G Suite and YouTube, has been resolved for all affected users starting at 4:00 pm (US / Pacific)." A spokesman said late Sunday.

"We will perform an autopsy and make appropriate improvements to our systems to prevent this."

YouTube seemed to be working on the West Coast, and CNET reporters were able to access the website's video streaming site just fine. A CNET editor on the East Coast, however, found that he encountered problems. For example, one video was inaccessible for about 15 minutes.

Google Cloud is the company's hosting platform, much like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. In addition to their own services, other companies like Snapchat and Uber rely on Google's infrastructure to provide the back end to their apps and platforms.

Breakdown news spread quickly on social media, with #YouTubeDOWN and #snapchatdown increasing

Other hosting services based on Google Cloud also seemed to be having problems.

Downdetector.com monitors network issues, has reported widespread problems for the US East Coast and parts of Europe for YouTube and Gmail.

Originally published at 13:20 PT.
Updates, 14:25 : Adds a comment from Google and background information about Google Cloud. 4:30 pm : Adds that the problem of congestion is fixed for most users. 17:50 : Adds a comment from a Google spokesperson.


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