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Flash Flood Watch is issued when recovery and cleanup are resumed

CAPE COD – Eversource continues after the storms of last night, the tornado warnings on parts of the cape, to work on scattered power outages at the Cape. Wellfleet seems to be the hardest hit with 542 customers who do not have power yet. The Wellfleet Police made a statement:

"Power outage – estimated power return at 17:00.

Last night we had a tornado warning over the Cape. We had heavy rain, lightning and wind, although we did not notice any confirmed tornadoes anywhere on the cape.

Wellfleet had a lightning strike on the Eversource substation around 1

1 pm on Monday. As a result, around 900 people and businesses lost power. Eversource has restored the power supply of about 350 people and left about 550 people without power . The expected waiting time for the restoration of the power supply is at 17:00 tonight. They strive to find all the pieces to fix the problem as soon as possible.

People without power can receive text updates about when power is restored, and you can report a failure through text. You need your Eversource account number to register your phone. Follow the instructions in the photo below.

Power Failure Cards – You can view the power outages by clicking on them. The first is the Eversource power failure card or the MEMA power failure card. Both can be accessed online using a simple Google search.

We will try to provide updates as we learn more.

The National Meteorological Service may look for damage in Harwich where a number of trees have been felled. This morning, another area is approaching with heavy showers and causes the release of a Flash Flood Watch:

Flood Watch

Flood Watch
National Weather Service Boston / Norton MA
327 AM EDT Tue., 23. July 2019


The National Weather Service in Boston / Norton has issued a

* Flash Flood Watch for parts of southeastern Massachusetts
and Rhode Island , including the following areas in
Southeast Massachusetts, Barnstable, Bristol, Dukes,
Nantucket and Plymouth. In Rhode Island, Block Island,
Bristol, Kent, Newport, Providence and Washington.

* Until 2 pm EDT this afternoon

* Another round of heavy rain showers and embedded thunderstorms
will feed Rhode Island and Southeast Massachusetts this morning
. Localized rainfall can lead to 1 to 2 inches of rain in just
places in just one hour
. The result will be the potential for localized flash floods
especially in urbanized centers. The danger of strong
rain showers and floods was due to leave the Cape and the islands
in the early afternoon.


A lightning surge can lead to conditions that
flash floods. Flash floods are a very dangerous situation.

They should monitor later predictions and be prepared to take action
when torrential warnings are issued.


Sandwich Fire made a statement on the storm and house fire: On July 22, 2019, around 9:45 pm, the National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm warning with a tornado warning. Around 10:30 pm, Sandwich's emergency call center was asked to set up a fire station in the 3 Viking Lane in South Sandwich, which was struck by lightning.

On arrival, the units found a loft fire with an extension to the second floor. Chief Burke ordered a fire mission to deploy all sandwich fire engines and a Mas hpee Fire Department engine. The fire was extinguished within 90 minutes and the attic and second floor area were badly damaged. There were no injuries and the inmates were driven out of their home.

During the fight against the fire in Viking Lane, 3 additional lightning strikes hit the homes for Evsun ​​Drive, Moon Compass Drive 49, and Pickerel Way 22, and were handled by Deputy Chief McMahon and units of the West Barnstable Fire Department and Joint Base Fire Department. No additional fires were reported and the inspectors from Sandwich Building and Electrical checked all affected properties. The damage caused by the fire in Viking Lane is estimated at $ 75,000.

The Cotuit Fire Department provided ambulance to the city during the incidents, and COMM's fire department supported a locomotive on several calls.

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