A Florida couple accused of drugging out The Home Kitchen Window Was Arrested Last Week According to a Police Report

William Parrish Jr. and McKenzee Dobbs were arrested on August 23 when police raided their Ocala, Florida mobile home and found Fentanyl and other drug paraphernalia.

According to a report by the Ocala Police Department about the incident, the officers found Fentanyl wrapped in foil and plastic bags and a digital scale in the kitchen. The report stated that the police believe that the couple has sold drugs from their kitchen window.

Orlando TV station WFTV reported that the couple used the window as a makeshift transit for their customers. According to the WFTV, the duo signaled that their motorhome was open for sale and where it should go.

"We had overdose incidents in this particular area, specifically at that particular location," said Ocala police Captain Steven Cuppy told reporters, the Miami Herald reports. "There were some heroin sales going on there, and then we found that the product was spiked with fentanyl."

According to the WFTV, four drug overdoses in the area led to police caravans. The Miami Herald reported that a covert investigator had bought a controlled substance from Dobbs in the house two weeks before the police search.

Both Parrish Jr. and Dobbs face several drug-related crimes.

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